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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robot Birthdays Require Punishment and Paperwork

Hey! New little details for you to feast on! You, the faceless everyone!

The amount of paperwork needed to register your kid into the school system. I see now why people home school.

So, drop a pin in a cave, and listen to the echo reverberate a dragon's roar. Obviously I'm just jealous someone didn't get me 100 stupid balloons for my birthday (kicks dirt).


The ten minute doodle today wasn't doing much for me, until the little robot insect legs started coming out of the mouth, and I could taste them, and then, HEY! HAPPY!

Here is my boss demonstrating the only guidance I am capable of understanding. She tailors her managerial style to the person, like a good boss should.

Next time, more junk for me, it's not for you, this is my time. My special quiet place I go to reflect.



Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It can only mean one thing, a quick pic update. Taking lotz, no time to put these up. I'm finding that it is true, if you take a picture it does indeed last longer. Maybe this is the answer to the hoarding problem. Take a pic of it all, and there it is, better than the actual object or moment because it doesn't age or rot or yellow. Especially now that it is all digital. I have old photochemical pics that make me feel old, because they are turning colors. Now everything can stay as pristine data, and tossed on an external drive, and hidden away, and there it is new forever. FOR-FREAKING-EVAH! …vampire.

So I got through the entire snow blast without a scratch, and then one morning while moving cars around the driveway, I parked my car on the street and 2 second s later, CLIP. This guy hit it. HA. Nice guy though. He gave me the contact info and will cover the repair. Just got it fixed, not expensive. I was worried because I drive a classic 1992 Dodge Dynasty. And with any classic vintage automobile such as mine, parts are always in high demand and tough to come by. Luckily for me, I know people. Pulled some strings, greased some palms. You know what I'm saying. Dig it.

What kind of happiness is this? Have you ever been this happy in your ENTIRE LIFE? Look at that face, it is about to shatter with happiness. Kids have this funny thing where they haven't learned to temper their joy with disillusionment or realism. So when they are happy, it buries the needle. BURIES THAT MUG! Us grownups don't get that. After you get pig's blood dumped on you at prom, you never smile like that again. This pic shows some intense happiness that you can't allow yourself to remember for it would crush you up like a can. ANYWAY!

Cameron and I enjoy reenacting the opening from Cliffhanger now and then. Sarah is just out of the frame saying Michael Rooker's lines. Fun times. Steph plays Dana Delany's role, and she tells me I have got to forgive myself. But I just can't.

And finally, the new two week obsession…. Vegetable Stock. Working myself up to Beef Stock, so I can drink cow all day looooong.

Next few entries will be the people I work with, because you guys NEED TO KNOW!

Latah Killers


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tron 2... before the meh.

Oh I'm so excited!

Oh boy oh boy 3D awesomeness!


... I was too underwhelmed to take a pic after the show. Oh well. At least it was pretty to look at. CG Jeff Bridges is the new Jar Jar.

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Random Picaroos! 3

We are taking Cam to a music class for kids with developmental issues. There is this hammock thing that he digs getting into, thinking about it, deciding he doesn't care for it, jumping out, and then climbing back in. The class is really cool, and the teacher is an image of go with the flowness. It's good for me to go, observe, so I can learn new tech of better communicating and helping the Cam out.

See what I mean, he's involved, Sarah came too today and really dug it. Cam dug it. The teacher's name is Janet and she raised two children with ASD, one who just graduated from UGA with a degree in Awesome.

Ed Hopper moved in next door.

Marcy self portrait.

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More Picaroos 2

More stuff from the last few days.

Here is Steph, mother Julie, sister Christina, and sister Angela, the three sisters. I married into a VERY FAM oriented fam, not the "please pass the salt" type, more like the "PASS THE SALT!!!!!" type. I like this pic, everyone is so cool and supportive. And the sisters have each others back at all times. It's how it should be.

Working in an office, there is a constant stream of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other random acts of cake that appear. But this was an inspired bit of confectionery. Rice Crispy Cake, with cereal star marshmallows, and inside, a layer of chocolate. I was tempted to just snag the whole thing and keep it in my nightstand wrapped in aluminum foil. Taking chunks out of it over the next year as I watch QVC at 2am. Oh to dream. This was an inspiration though.

Cameron will be playing the next James Bond.

Sarah doing her paper plate ice skating routine. Her main competition in the hospital after having her had knee caps smashed with an aluminum baseball bat by two nameless thugs. Sarah! You some 'splaining to do!

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New picaroos!

So more self looking at self and commenting on self. My favorite subject.

Early morning, waiting for the my crew mates to show, wondering if I'm at the right place.

At the Blank Stage reading of Happy Vs. Sad. A really funny script about a couple who can never exist on the same emotional plane. Funny! That's Brent Brooks playing the dude. It is such a cool little venue.

Doodle from the morning.

We are protected by crime run rampant by our protector, The Dark Squirrel!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sat Aff Blog'n 2


Hey! How much of my life have I waisted watching little bars move across the screen. I told a bud that I was cutting CvM on my PC with Premiere Pro and he looked at me with a deep sadness, and said, "God bless you". So I punched him.

Steph got a hand off of an iPhone as now there is a 50 dollar Verizon version, and so it is just an Itouch now, but has a fun little sketch pad on it. So here is a Frankenstein thing.

Sarah is on a health kick, having watched an Oprah on South Beach Diet. She is cutting out all refined flour. And she checks her pulse multiple times an hour. Ha, kids. Actually we will prob being knocking sugar out of the house as it agitates Cameron's ASD. Yep, that's happening. I took the test for autism and was like three points away from Aspergers, so whatev. Lots to learn and go over and navigate. Lots of quacks out there to beware of.

Red by Sarah, black my me.

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Blog'n Sat Afta 1

Witty comments free of charge

So here Cam is doing "duckface". because obviously I have been raising him to be a 13 year old junior high girl posing for her myspace pic. But seriously, my boy is awesome.

Brown chicken, brown cow.

Who let these cast of River's Edge in my house? Get OUT!

Evolution of a beard.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Final Party Hit

Lets wrap this up.

So that's one of those three generation pics, I should work for Olen Mills!

It's all very pink!

Raking in the stuff.

Cam is not content sitting on the sidelines, Cam demands life immersion. We took Cam around the rink too, and he loved it. And I went around a few times myself, those pics are on other cameras though, but I can tell you nothing will make you feel more connected to current culture like skating to Justin Beiber (not Beaver as I was recently informed) .

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Let us continue? Yes lets.

This cake was the bomb. I mean for real. No lie. Awesome.

Cameron lords over his domain.


Sugar anticipation.

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Mega Party Hit Three, Rolling

Here we go, action!

After more gratuitous hugging.

This one is neat, about how I remember the day.

Grandad and some homeless guy (oh that's me) help Sarah around the rink (not ring as I was recently informed). Stating is revealed to be tougher then it looks.

The student absorbs her training.

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