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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In X: Mega Mega Supah-Cool

Jackpot here boys and girls, this is the muthaload, and by mutha, I mean your mother!

so, just a crate of crap, some camera bags, no big whoop!

Oh but no no no, my little friends from internet land. That is a bonifide 1994 Hitachi Cam-o-corder! That was predigital yo momma! We didn't know digital jack sh#T. We edited vhs deck to vhs deck, and it looked like SH#T! And we liked it that way! And this little bastard cost me 800 dollars I made flipping burgers while Disney's "A Whole New World" piped in throught the speakers, so don't say i haven't suffered for my schlock. I stab you in the neck!

And Pentax made a camera that I bought and took alot of pictures of things that ment alot to me in 1996-2001 (when the advance broke): bricks, telephone lines, mud, concret pillers, more mud, trees, abandoned houses, my own reflection looking deep, traffic, stop lights, and mud.

and under the bags, alot more awesome, mainly the comfort object mainstays: markers and post its,  my wellbeing for 15 years. There was a movie titled "the safety of objects" a few years ago (prob 10 years ago), and that rings very true with me. Thank you Post Its, thank you markers, thank you DIS A LU SION ME-E-ANT!
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