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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 3: At World's End (you'll be reading this)

So part three, we are popping open boxes, taking pics, and show'n them to you, the big faceless nobody/everybody!

So, there are x-rays, long time friend Aiden Hayes sent me these, cuz I like medical stuff, and these are his mom, parts of him mom anyways, and I like to stick them on the windows, untill the kids came, because why warp them, they'll have it rough enough without dad freaking their freak out.

So in this box we had old baby monitors, and I love them, the signal is so awesome and V I D E O, and this brand had export jaxs so you could put it on a tape, so some people prob have every moment of their children sleeping on video tape, and i understand the impulse, but my thought was to shoot a film with baby monitors, and so I kept them after the kids left the crib, and one day, one day, baby monitor movie will come (paranormal activity) and the other things are plaster molds, one done in high school, and one done by budamatic weapon Wes Campbell, that will be worth something oneday, once he is famous. (get cracking on that Wes).

Here is one of the Zombeak boxes, and so we have raw footage, logs, BTS footage, contracts, blah blah blah, and the Empire Mag that gave us quote of the week, because the brits don't mind printing MOTHERF@#KER in a big magazine. Remind me to pull a GIlliam and move to England.

So in part four, more shizzziel.
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