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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 5: A New Begining

Man, I love F13 part 5, best death in the whole series, with Delilah getting the stabbed while doing the robot, it is the high watermark if that thing, better then the ending from the original. AND if anyone tells you to "google it" you have God's permission to back hand them. Once at 'Bucks someone said, "Do you know who I am, I work at CNN, I'm a director, you should google my name!" and that makes her the most awesome person ever.

Speaking of awesome, the worlds most awesome tripod, most awesome mic, and most awesome pair of loafers. That mic set me back a good twenty bucks and explains alot of the spectral dynamics in the Zombeak!, plus I layered a muffle effect on it so, better to be consistantly crappy rather then have one awesome component showing all the other pieces up. Crappy on purpose. Consistant. What was I saying. These loafers have holes in the souls, LIKE ME!

Black out curtains, because the sun mocks me. And I won't be..

hey! who would halfass paint up a perfectly good black plastic storage bin? What kind of juvi-delinquent would do this? Hell in a hand basket, that's all I gotta say.

And inside, alittle thing us old fogeys like to call VHS and video 8mm. I video taped way more then anyone should ever back in the day, and these 8mm tapes went with me to class, on dates, driving in the car, and whenever I want to feel awesome, I put one in and watch me watching me do NOTHING! Also are some early flicks, saved for all time on the wonder of the archiaval world "V to the H to the mofo S".

Next time! More of the same! no wait, Jason comes back as a zombie because you all hated part 5 (though it is awesome, like Halloween 3, you people suck, Carpenter every Halloween with a new movie would have been great, but NO! you wanted Mike Myers, fine, enjoy your Saw 50).

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