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Monday, January 25, 2010

FYI Clown Versus Monkey

1. Shooting this Sunday!
2. Due to all the monkeys chain smoking, lots of throat cancer, thus, lots of electric voice boxes running around.
3. Monkeys are not coordinated, so everything they make is alittle wobbly and off.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ten Monkey Clown Monkeys about Clown Versus Monkey + one

1. I am wondering how to organize and encompass all the groovy actors and artists who have contacted me about Clown Versus Monkey! I may seriously need a casting director.


2. Searching for a calendar date to meet up with prospective editor. Hold that thought, Tyler!


3. Have new access to a dynamic digital sound recorder, a real hot stuff thing, to start recording the voices on.


4. Background Matte Drawings are flooding in from Yarkoni.


5. Next shoot date is on 1/31/10!


6. Next reading is 1/16/10!


7. So these clowns, once two clowns have illegally procreated and have had a super intelligent clown baby, it would be cool if the offspring clowns gain the economic power and then start developing procedures to keep themselves thinking out of the box so they can retain power,


8. but the problem is that all procedures like that inhibit the clown enzyme, making the clowns more and more practical until they TURN INTO MONKEYS! or start having monkey children!


9. THUS they have to allow just enough clowns to be created to enrich the blood line and have heirs to their political economic kingdoms.


10. Monkeys born from clowns are destroyed. They are worthless do nothings with sarcastic humor who think they are too smart to work. Brat monkeys.


11. These brat monkeys are like pseudo intellectual adolescents who mock everything and who are always talking out of their monkey butts.


ps- 55 days until Zombeak is released in UK!