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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sat Blogg'n 3

This is Ken, one of the few people I've met as BITTER as me! We have fun talking about all the IDIOTS, and he coined the catch phrase "Damn You, John Conkle!" which is heard often at my 'bucks.

real quick caligari doodle

kinda like the old ET peaking out from behind the door poster, but with toast.

I see you. You see me?

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Say, "ehhhhghhhaaaakkkkk!"

"Hmm, Thomas has some fundamental design flaws."
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Some pics for you!

Sat Bloggin, the photographic history of a really N O R M A L guy.

So Cam has started drawing these spirals and I couldn't be more proud. He is also obsessing over the number 23. It is pretty cool. Reminds me of a Pictionary game I ruined long ago.

The raptor slinks closer and closer to his prey until...

attack attack attack!

attack attack attack!

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Clown Versus Monkey: Call Me NOW!

a frame grab, why be lonely?

Clown Versus Monkey: Call Me NOW!

The Clown Versus Monkey sandwiching process continues.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sat Blog 4

Hey, Pandora is playing Seether, impossible to fight until you're foaming at the mouth. So I hear.

Some wailing accompanied by gnashing of teeth.

Me and the misses, swim lessons.


Never before is what you swore, the time before!

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Sat Bloggin 3


My best lecherous smirk.


Swim lessons. Caught an unforced smile, AWESOME!

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Sat Bloggin 2

Paranoid guy.

On your KNEES PIG!

Rain-x is cool.

Pudd'ntake. Filling the emotional void one chocochip at a time.

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Saturday Blogg'n! Part 1

Took Sarah to swim class, got a pound of Golf Coast Coffee from S'bucks, took back Devil, Conviction, and Despicable Me, rented Splice and Toy Story 3, changed a headlight, and now knocking around some pics!

In the post apocalypse, all tires will look like this. Glen Beck says so (rim shot).

The new Spider Man suit.

This is Brandon, and I'm SD, and we are a part of the GA State Film Student relocation program. You want whip?

Another Brandon, The Crow works in the cube next to me. He got over the death of his girlfriends and his band broke up and now he works in data recovery. Appropriate.

Little Girl - Sometimes when something really bad happens...
Guy - Oh like ethnic cleansing.
Little Girl - Um no, not that bad, but still pretty bad, a crow will...

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Clown Versus Monkey Versus Hamster Farm

where clown dealers get their hamsters

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Real fast so I'm not late, beware spelling pot wholes.

For me, it's not home coffee unless you see the oil slick on top.

Macro french toast. My sis taught me, I taught Sarah, the circle of toast continues.

10 minute doodle, these are usually done at the bucks on my break. So this is butcher knife devil cyclops guy.

Cameron has been sick. And so this happened, and I yelled PICTURE! and totally disrupted the calmness of the moment.

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