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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Foywonder Strikes!

Another groovy review...

Read Foywonder, he is hysterical and writes often for Dread Check out his personal review site at This guy gets cuts deep into all sorts of bizzaro cinema.


A Very Kind Review

dvdschlock has weighed in on our flick... have at it!

visit this site all the time, they have good taste.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

RIP Pyewacket - a star has fallen

SCOTTDALE, GA -- Popular rooster and film star Pyewacket was found dead this morning at his home on Longmeadow Drive. He was four years old.The cause of death is unknown, but Pyewacket had been suffering from some sort of illness for the past few weeks. He appears to have died peacefully in his sleep, having gone to roost in his coop last night. His wrangler, A. Owsley, discovered the body there shortly before noon today.Pyewacket was hatched at "Boogaloo Acres" in 2003, the son of Sally and Mofo. He had reigned as the sole rooster of Boogaloo since his father's death in July 2006. Known and liked throughout the neighborhood for his distinctive crow and stunning white plumage, Pyewacket's biggest claim to fame came in 2005, when he starred in the title role of the indie zombie movie, "Zombeak." The film was well-received in the zombie and poultry communities, and received a wider audience at DragonCon earlier this year.Pyewacket is survived by two hens, Gracie and Buttermilk, and his humans, A. Owsley and Stacy Estep. When asked for comment, Owsley stated, "He was a gentle, faithful chicken."--Reporting by Stacy Estep, Photo by Sue Volkert

A Eulogy

Another loved one has crossed over. I feel that this film has something like a Poltergeist or Exorcist curse, so many have died since the filming in 04. And now our Carol Ann is gone.

When I met Pyewacket that scorching Georgia summer, I was immediately intimidated by the presence he held on set. People were in awe of him. He demanded respect and we all treated him with the utmost. He was the only actor we had with their own little entourage of handlers and assistants, but he never was arrogant or aloof. He was so giving, so generous on set with his time, talent, and expertise that the other actors quickly warmed up to him. We all saw what a wonderful chicken that Pyewacket was.

Pyewacket was a real trooper on his day on set, even after he had mistaken the boom mike for a snake, he continued on despite the shock. We had him only for a day, as he was union, but he never belittled the project as being beneath him, and despite the hardships, taught us all lessons on professionalism and humility.

Pyewacket, you gave our film another layer of authenticity that would have been impossible to achieve without your presence. May your morning crow sing now throughout the heavens, may you soar there with angels, may you know that you will be missed, but never forgotten.