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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robot Birthdays Require Punishment and Paperwork

Hey! New little details for you to feast on! You, the faceless everyone!

The amount of paperwork needed to register your kid into the school system. I see now why people home school.

So, drop a pin in a cave, and listen to the echo reverberate a dragon's roar. Obviously I'm just jealous someone didn't get me 100 stupid balloons for my birthday (kicks dirt).


The ten minute doodle today wasn't doing much for me, until the little robot insect legs started coming out of the mouth, and I could taste them, and then, HEY! HAPPY!

Here is my boss demonstrating the only guidance I am capable of understanding. She tailors her managerial style to the person, like a good boss should.

Next time, more junk for me, it's not for you, this is my time. My special quiet place I go to reflect.



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