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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 11, the reboot

I got food coming, this is going to be quick.

In this box, we have dozens of empty DVD boxes and a Devil Mask sculpted by Chris "Mofo" Misfud, who is the man, for thoses out of the loop. So the DVD boxes where collected by my friend Jayson because he needed a specific "nubbins" on his boxes, and if he bought a DVD, and the nubbin was wrong, he'd replace it with a box with the right "nubbin". and so most of his DVD boxes had to be replaced with proper nubbins, that only one manufacturer made. So I got the old boxes, because in my grand sceme of self distribution, nubbins were the least of my worries. So were lighting, sound, composition, and story.

so here is a journal titled "random stank", a zombeak slate, and the Blood Scrub slate dated 6/10/00, Scene 1-F, take 2.
Scene 1-f, oh yes, the martini shot, i remember it well. Lots of half and half dairy was poured all over the road on that glorious day.

a box of negative thoughts.

And I'm almost done, lets crank this out like Stathum on speed.

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