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Friday, December 21, 2007

7:30am Blah Blah

Right now I’m brewing the day’s first pot of coffee and toasting up some toast, the Clifford Dog show is in the back ground, giving Sarah her morning fix of cartoons. I’m going to take this opportunity to just ramble bang the day into go mode.

Coffee at Starbucks is laced with crack, just in case you are wondering. Here is how it works. Columbian beans used for many Starbucks blends is grown in the same fields in South America where coca leaves where once cultivated. This has left a narcotic muck in the soil, a permeation of it. All things grown in this soil will create an addiction similar to narcotic addiction. If they where growing strawberries down there, it would be crazy addictive strawberries. There have actually been cases of armed robbery and muggings at and around Starbucks from this new bread of bean junkie. Be warned. Once a Starbucks opens in your neighborhood, the neighborhood will quickly determinate in to a slum. If you have Starbucks coffee in your house, keep it locked up and away from kids.

Last week there was the first case of a Starbucks heist, where seven men in Halloween masks stormed a store and forced the crew at gun point to brew gallons of coffee that where loaded into plastic five gallon jugs. This could be either for private consumption or resale on the street, where it is now popular to be taken intravenously.

Ever wonder why when you buy beans and bring them home the brew is not as potent as what you get at the store. Most home machines can not handle the amount of coffee used in the store to brew a pot, so it is weaker. Buy a bigger machine. Also those pots have been seasoned with years of that narcotic residue that can not be rinsed out. An addictive stain. In theory you could do the same with any stainless steel decanter. Fill it with some hot store made Starbucks coffee and then bury it in your back yard for no less then here weeks. The earth and darkness will mingle with the brew, and bond with the steel.

Now every time you brew a new pot, pour it immediately into this decanter and let it ruminate for a few minutes before serving. Notice the difference.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brain Eaters From Raccoon Island

I don't know, just a quick blog so people can know whazup.

I'm chillin on vacation this week, hooray!

The only big project is painting for the new baby. Next month, the madness begins again! No sleep, covered in vomit, and now because this is a boy, urine will have purpose and direction.

My eyes are still adjusting to the blues and greens of boy clothes. It is weird to see. Amazing how your eye begins to accept purple and pinks until that is the norm.

We are painting the extra bedroom something girly for Sarah and moving her to these larger quarters and the new baby will have the smaller room. Right now the walls are two tones of gray, a hold over for when it was my office for a week and a half. I really don't want to bring out Sarah's morbid teenage years before it is time.

Steph picked up some work from sister Angela, just typing up some documents for the law firm. She's up stairs working on that now. Sarah is watching Dora the Explorer, the shrillest show on the planet, but it is interactive and teaching her Spanish. Yesterday while jumping on the couch she started up with SALTA-SALTA!!! Awe shucks. This morning she started singing Row Row Your Boat, it was cute. Ouch! my heart.

Steph is about to burst with this baby. She is really sleepy and nervous that stuff won't be ready, she has spells of neurosis, but luckily about the complete opposite things that I do so we even out that way. Never fun to be neurotic at the same time about the same stuff, chaos ensues.

Zombeak!? Well the reviews have been kind, and I’m waiting to hear from a comic con in Texas, and I know the next thing to do is organize the legal stuff, something I’m teaching myself. I’m also researching the different distributors I would like to approach. Just going by feel. Day by day as I can. People get impatient, but I feel these cult like films have to have time to grow a cult and bubble and simmer. Give it time to grow. That’s the plan. I really just don’t want to splash it out for it to be forgotten 10 seconds later. Whatever. Justification on dragging my feet.

Christmas is coming up and the house looks cool with Christmas stuff everywhere and … have I mentioned The Mist?

The Mist rules 2007. Best movie I saw this year. Great adaptation to a great story. I was ready to be disappointed; having such a love for the material, but man Frank D and company really hit it on all fronts. I think this is a new classic for me. Something to put in the collection. A lot of fun. Very suspenseful. Gross. Great performances all the way through. Great Carpenter winks. Even Thomas Jane was pretty cool. I hated The Punisher, give me Dolph any day. The Mist makes up for it and any disasters he may do in the future. He makes a good everyman, someone to identify with, especially me having kids, I was with him the whole way.

Lots of people knock the ending. I understand. It’s a tough one. But I feel the ending is what takes this out of “fun horror movie” to “classic horror movie”. The movie is all about how people react to fear. And fear makes people crazy, it is a disease. The movie is about the importance of hope even when events seem hopeless, even when hope is irrational. It is a tough ending, and I felt like I was punched in the gut, and I staggered out of the theater, and I thought there must be something wrong with that sick mo-fo Darabont, but I loved it. Gave me something to chew on for days after watching it, something I can not say about most movies I see. So the best thing I’ve seen since The Descent and The Abandoned. See, there are still good movies coming out, you just have to be patient and choosy.

PS - Most sadistic ending to any movie I have ever seen.

PSS - I know someone who has seen this movie four times now (not me).

Anyway, still writing this project that is all over the place. Just the craziest thing I’ve written. Maybe impossible to film (it is a screenplay), but figuring it out will be the fun part. I’m basically writing something based on just pure creative expression, not trying to shoehorn it into any one genre, just making it up and letting it happen as it happens. A lot of fun. Could become animated or some combination of techniques.

Blah blah blah, fight blah blah

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Foywonder Strikes!

Another groovy review...

Read Foywonder, he is hysterical and writes often for Dread Check out his personal review site at This guy gets cuts deep into all sorts of bizzaro cinema.


A Very Kind Review

dvdschlock has weighed in on our flick... have at it!

visit this site all the time, they have good taste.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

RIP Pyewacket - a star has fallen

SCOTTDALE, GA -- Popular rooster and film star Pyewacket was found dead this morning at his home on Longmeadow Drive. He was four years old.The cause of death is unknown, but Pyewacket had been suffering from some sort of illness for the past few weeks. He appears to have died peacefully in his sleep, having gone to roost in his coop last night. His wrangler, A. Owsley, discovered the body there shortly before noon today.Pyewacket was hatched at "Boogaloo Acres" in 2003, the son of Sally and Mofo. He had reigned as the sole rooster of Boogaloo since his father's death in July 2006. Known and liked throughout the neighborhood for his distinctive crow and stunning white plumage, Pyewacket's biggest claim to fame came in 2005, when he starred in the title role of the indie zombie movie, "Zombeak." The film was well-received in the zombie and poultry communities, and received a wider audience at DragonCon earlier this year.Pyewacket is survived by two hens, Gracie and Buttermilk, and his humans, A. Owsley and Stacy Estep. When asked for comment, Owsley stated, "He was a gentle, faithful chicken."--Reporting by Stacy Estep, Photo by Sue Volkert

A Eulogy

Another loved one has crossed over. I feel that this film has something like a Poltergeist or Exorcist curse, so many have died since the filming in 04. And now our Carol Ann is gone.

When I met Pyewacket that scorching Georgia summer, I was immediately intimidated by the presence he held on set. People were in awe of him. He demanded respect and we all treated him with the utmost. He was the only actor we had with their own little entourage of handlers and assistants, but he never was arrogant or aloof. He was so giving, so generous on set with his time, talent, and expertise that the other actors quickly warmed up to him. We all saw what a wonderful chicken that Pyewacket was.

Pyewacket was a real trooper on his day on set, even after he had mistaken the boom mike for a snake, he continued on despite the shock. We had him only for a day, as he was union, but he never belittled the project as being beneath him, and despite the hardships, taught us all lessons on professionalism and humility.

Pyewacket, you gave our film another layer of authenticity that would have been impossible to achieve without your presence. May your morning crow sing now throughout the heavens, may you soar there with angels, may you know that you will be missed, but never forgotten.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

quck blurb

So finally I'vew made it through one hellish week to get to my wonderful wonderful 5 whole days off. SAYIN!!!

Now to overplan everything to the point of mania!!! Hooray!

Quick thoughts.

Hated this joyless, incomprehensible, horribly plotted, over produced, assembly line, suger spazz of pop drop and puke.

I had high hopes with Michael Bay directing, who understands how to shoot a big budget car commercial better then any one, and there are a few money shots, but you chop it up into a third of a second hyper blur, and then add Shea Laboof, and give everyone complete crud dialogue, and have no one see giant robots running by them, gosh. John Turturro could not save it, and I always thought he could do anything, he is the best thing in it, just cause he was Barton Fink, screw this movie. More childhood memories recycled for a quick payout.

G.I. Joe will be so much better, it could not be worse. Hell, let Nu Image shoot it in Bulgaria for Sci-Fi channel and have Casper Van Dein play Flint, it will be better then Transformers.

I did like Optimus' little speech in the end, but it was the longest shot in the movie. So maybe I could just tell what was going on.

Listen to Grampa complain, "all them MTV jumpy jumps make my bowls back up. Durn kids."

Other news, or maybe a list.

Priorties for the vacation:

Spend as much time soaking in the fam as possible.

Not letting work or obsessing get in the way of goofing off.

Take Steph out as much as poss.

Take Sarah out as much as poss.

Get some plan on the scripts

Sort the paperwork for Zombeak!

Mail out the last of the zombeak screeners.

Enjoy a cabin.

But, do not plan.

No plans.

Plans suck.

Showed Sarah the first forty minutes of Star Wars part 1, not episode 1, part 1 w/ Luke, Han and Lea, anyway, she was terrified and amazed. I forget but watching this movie with a child, you see it through their eyes, and you go, man this thing is on crack. The first Star Wars is so damn bizarre, it feels like a dream. Robots arguing and wizards and Vader crushing throats, it is almost like animation. It's pure imagination run rampant.

I have to rewatch the prequals with Sarah, and then again with the new baby, maybe then I will "get it".


Sunday, October 14, 2007

28 weeks later

a few quick thoughts on this,

this is my favorite new horror series

first series that is about how the world feels like it's falling apart

amazing feeling of helplessness in these films

i feel like it has given us a new asthetic as well

rooted in consumer tv feedback

there is a deliberate "crappiness" to the look of both films

though this one is film based, it shows alot of night vision video and security cam stuff.

blood and guts played realistic

it is more like watching CNN, then a horror film

all about blind anger, and how to fight this anger, control this anger

the cure is as ugly as the disease

loved that

in the end, the fascists are right, the good guys escape, but... maybe that wasn't the best thing for the planet.

Robert Carlyle should win an Oscar, he is scary good in this

all the family dynamics are perfect

I was completly with this film the whole way, despite "what's going on moments"

lots of infected escape a firebombing, and you wonder how, they lock the survivors away and forget to lock the back door, one of the best scenes in the movie, but damn, wish they'd thought of that.

I liked that they killed all the lkable people off, people trying to do the right thing being overwhelmed by the bottom line, the inhuman cure to save humanity.

This is about sacrificng identity to fal into the whole, going it alone, being a hero, is pointless and will end up making stuff worse.

Are we supposed to sit back and let the government take care of things, conform, give n, be complacent.

The first movie I feel said no, resistance to the hungrey military monster.

This one is yes, big brother is God and God knows what's best

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

7am brain spill

I went to see Halloween 07.
Totally bummed me out.
Depressing and bleak.
Everything grey, Myers now a damaged kid.
I just felt bad for him the whole time.
This was a steroid fueled rage against the middle class.
Best creepy Halloween masks of the year.
Glad Zombie made it his own, not as generic as the trailer.
Very violent and ugly.
But always cool to look at.
Art direction is always good.
But I just felt bad the whole time.
Not a fun movie.
A lot of angst.
I think isolated teens will dig it.
Very apocalyptic.

Today is the crazy day.
The word is “season”.

Fight Evil

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just Home

Worked tonight, and driving home had a big eureaka on the whole animated film idea I've been rolling around in my head, something to do with the process that is really going to free it up and I could have slapped myself in the forehead it was such a logical next step in the direction I have been thinking.

Here's the thing, time and resources are limited, but if you can think of a way around it all, see it and tell it with the right voice and as long as you are consistant, I think the story will work. But really it is all one big experiement.

The tech has really gotten to a place where everything has become accessable. Make a film and give it to the world with out becoming destitute. Really you can have it all.

But I've decided to let go and let it all happen naturally. I'm tired of forcing stuff and worring all the time. I'm going to let God give me what He wants me to have, and I'm not going to sweat it. I am usually unimpressed with the things I long for once I have them, so maybe I'm not the best judge of what my heart really needs.

I'm going to just act natural and offer it up and not worry about it.

This next film will be on my terms, and a return to the collaborative casualness of the before times. Zombeak! was a great experiance, but as it destroyed my theories laid down in Blood Scrub, this next one will destroy Zombeak!

Thesis > Antithesis > New Thesis

Want > Fight > Get > Hate


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

So real quick about all this.

Finding myself with little time to see movies these days, and unwilling to pay night prices, and watching a movie at home is like watching something during a tornado, no matter what your speaker set up is, I ventured to the 10:30 am showing of Resident Evil 3-D (I wish).

This movie has a lot going for it. Day of the Dead meets Road Warrior meets Anime style characters and fighting. This has the most bullets to the head I've seen in a while, looks of hot chicks pulling the triggers, and some really pissed off zombies. Plus mad scientists mutating like in Tarantula, a desert planet, the force, crossbows, trench coats, Russell Mulcahy back from video purgatory, and fetal imagery.

I feel the RE movies have always been a little embarrassed of their zombies, keeping them in the background and instead focusing on the real enemy, THE MAN!

The Man that makes the bioweapons!

The Man who owns everything, is everywhere, and keeps us under his thumb.

Zombies are just the bi-product of the man.

If you can break from the hold, and think for yourself then you can fight the symptoms, clean up the messes, but never really stop the man.

The Umbrella Corporation is never stopped or taken down, just too powerful. But they do get a black eye now and then. The zombies are unstoppable, and capable of running for decades according to this movie.

The coperation wants to take talent (Alice), bleed it dry, to make us all drones, curb our natural desire to hate and kill people. That's what this movie is. A vaccination to control our bestial natures, the bread and the circuses.
Alice is now Christlike in the movies, her blood can free the world of the living dead plague. She spends five years hiding from the coperation to avoid becoming attached to someone and watching them die, and really if you watch the series, she really does lead every dude she likes to a really horrible death. Whatever, I was shocked to find myself rooting for the bad guys a bit in this one. They found the cure for the world and if Alice really wanted to be a hero, she would turn herself in and let herself be of use.

What if Jesus hid in the shadows killing the commoners, bi-products of the society instead of being crucified and knocking out the source. Alice is just fighting the symptoms, not stepping up and doing the right thing.

Now, this new world would be a totalitarian wasteland, but let's first deal with the zombies before we go into political reformation.

So in the forth film I predict a martyr scenario going on, like Alien 3 (remember when Alien movies tried to be special), Alice will give herself up and save the world, but not before finally taking down The Man, and thus bringing forth some sort of feel good lovey dovey representative government where all men are equal and there is no money or class divisions cause we all share everything.

My favorite thing in the movie was the diary that was found. My least was her saying cheese to the satellite.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movies I would see...

... for the rest of the year, if I had time and money.

9/21 - Resident Evil 3: The Return of Russell Mulcahy
He made Razorback, thus we are all forever his bitches.

9/ - Postal
Uwe Boll is the only thing to see on this week of "important films". Plus, I liked House of the Dead, so...

10/5 -Finishing the Game
Sounds awesome, big kung fu Bruce Lee fan.

10/12 - Control
Love the time period, 24 Hour Party People, not the Joy Division fiend that some are, but intrigued and a good intro for me to the cult.

10/19 -30 Days of Night
The art made the book, but the story will work better as a film. I don't care, just please be scary. Haven't seen Hard Candy yet, looks screwed up!

10/26 - Saw 4
Crap, saw the last three, always at least 10 minutes worth of something screwed up.

11/02 - American Gangster
Big and beautiful and weighty. Sometimes it's just nice to sit back in a lemo and not worry if the sound mix is going to be off.

11/09 - Fred Claus
I liked Donnie Darko, I'm interested in Southland Tales, I like odd ball movies. But man Giamatti as Santa!!! Ho ho ho!!!

11/16 -Beowolf
Glover is grendal. The movie could be pure ass, I do not care. Glover is Grendal.

11/21 - The Mist
After waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and having the movie in my head for one thousand years, we will finally get to see it. Be calm. Be still. I'm just thinking this could be the most incredible film ever made. So, no danger of disappointment here.

11/30 - nada

12/07 - zilch

12/14 - I Am Legend
Biggest Matheson Fan Ever That Has Not Read This Story. Love Omega Man. Love Last Man on Earth. And Will Smith is so funny and charismatic! What better setting for him then a planet of bloodsuckers?

12/21 - Sweeny Todd
Tim Burton is the most imaginative person EVER BORN!

12/25 - Alien Vs. Predator 2
Finally, the movies that inspired so many generic sci-fi quickies gets the sci-fi quicky treatment. CG blood and Green guts, hunters and military stuff, man. Not much to say, I did like the last one though, damn it, and obligated to see this one or they'll make me turn in my fanboy card.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Here's a drawing I was working today! Hooray for me!

Long day. I should be sleeping. 1:39 am. Anyway...

SO Steph and me took Sarah and nephew Austin to see Elmo Gets His at Phillips Arena.

A screaming dancing war ensued that felt like it last seven shrill and freaky hours (2 in reality)
If she wasn't so freak'n cute...

Best memory; her seeing Ernie come out on stage and just wanting to run and hug him (I held her back, Ernie has enough Muppet Groupies).

Here are some picz of the disgusting rash on my arm that has matted my hair in congealed puss, and made every conversation mercifully short. I feel like a leper and when I shake hands with people they nearly vomit. HA HA HA!

Here I am picking a fight with planet earth! Grrrr!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramblings @ 1am

Can't sleep.
Pork chop in my teeth.
8 shots of espresso in my brain.
Just laughed at work all night.
Thinking of stupid shit I've done over the years.
There are these two AM freak out that happens.
Something horrible shoots into your head and you slap your forehead and go
SHIT! What an idiot!
It happens.
I'm really freaking about this baby.
It's good. I was starting to get complacent.
Nothing freaky or scary going on right now.
No movie to finish.
But I still need to sell it, but
not staying up all night right now to finish it.
Just working on ideas.
Collaborating with Chad on somethings, seeing what sticks.
GOt a bunch of sharpie markers for b-day and feel really youthenized
by them. Love them. And a blue plastic thing to put drawings in.
THis is the current fixation. Markers and cheap paper.
THe word of the day was emmerse.
Emmerse in the moment.
Freaked out a bit at the day job when I lost a notebook.
This really pisses me off and everyone was like, uh-oh, now he's going to be
off the whole day. HA! And I was. I accused them of taking it without doing so.
And they got a kick of it. I call them my Unicorn Diaries and if people ask
me what I write in them I say it's poems about unicorns.
So! I'm pissed that I lost it because these things have important notes on stories and
just musings on life and the baby and family and stresses and I love to go back through
them later and just see what the hell was going through my brain at certain points.
What is trivial now is mind blowing in five years.
I feel like God is trying to talk to me.
I feel like I'm getting perspective.
I want to let go.
I ate a Wendy's number two combo today and almost wanted to puke.
The grease and the cow, man, mustard and juice shooting all over my face.
and the fries there are NEVER good.
Man, I've lost it.
Saw a great flick called the lookout, and was all about Jeff Daniels in the film and thought
damn, if I could act a third of Jeff Danieals, he's brilliant, and then I looked up his filmography, and felt let down that none of his films looked that great. So I don't think I'll become a Jeff Daniels completist.
1:18am we are colaborating on several stoires with Chad right now, with my schedule I really can't Golem over a film like I have in the past. I need to get LOTZ of people involved, so then I have the peace of knowing that even if I'm not obsessing, at least someone else might.

WHY OBSESS AT ALL!?!?! Why not just sort of meander around it and do it as it comes?

My day job is wack. I really do just sort of, meander through it. Why not just apply that to other things.

Post its.

I should read more. Blah blah blah.

PS -I have a runny rash, poison ivy or something on my arm, I get this often, it is gross, and the calomine lotion makes it pink and matted. I feel like I'm walking around with snot on my are all day.

PSS- It would be easy to do a cartoon now, even without flash, just with premiere and some low end programs, you could do something really neat.

PSSS - I love the hysterical Britney fan video. HAR HAR.

PSSSS - I still have some screeners to send out of the movie. SO SLOW ABOUT THIS. It's the having to - wah.

PSSSSS - off of the night job tomorrow, early day, will beable to chill with fam, play with sarah. Eating at Italian joint that night. Life is good. Marring a large Italian family was the best thing ever. I can be quiet and just let them be crazy and loud, while in the world, I'm the crazy one. At home I can just be sane, and everyone is cool with that. That is home. Where you feel like you don't have to be a maniac, and specticle isn't rewarded, and it is enough to be kind.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dragon Con 2007

So this happened!

ZombeEk! at Dragon Con 2007!

On September 1st we had a special “sneak in the back door” screening at Dragon Con. How did we do this? Someone felt pity on our film and let us show it. Do we accept pity? Oh hell yeah, pity is what we STRIVE for!

Anyway, in the film screening room, just before Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter we had our Dragon Con moment. Saturday Midnight it was. During the day me and Officer Fasmagger handed out fliers like religious devotees and smiled and yammered at the people with pointed ears and red Dawn wigs. Con is always a trip. The big theme this year was 300, as in people dressed like Spartans. You know your film has been adopted by the fan culture, placed into the mass imagination, when you are represented in fan costumes at Dragon Con. I was happy to see something other then Johnny Depp pirates.

So Fas and I passed out fliers and then settled down on some stools and basically enjoyed some beverages for the next three hours. Really had a great time just talking acting and filmmaking and how masochistic it all is.

At midnight I stumbled down to the screening room to check out who came, and there was a pretty good group. Unfortunately the sound was too low and everyone had to “pay attention” to hear everything. The Geico caveman kept walking out to tell people in the hall to shut up. Cavemen may be our audience!

So people where forgiving and laughed and seemed to dig it. I had wandered away after 15 minutes or so. I just can’t watch it right now. I wanted to see the Con goers.

Dragon Con at midnight is freaky. Geeks were lined up to be whipped by a dominatrix. Howling fans and Goth chicks leading Goth boys around with chain leashes (thank you 1997), and Jedi talking to Highlander Immortals. Peace and drunken fan appreciation. I can’t wait to sneak in next year!

Fightevil -SAM

Monday, July 09, 2007


So here's the latest.

Sick at home witha virus given to me by a rat named Chucky. Here's the flow.

Sick Kid > Chucky Cheese > daughter Sarah > Stephanie > father inlaw > sister inlaw > hide out in dorment dark side of house >attack me.

I hate Chucky Cheese. It makes me crazy. I have to grit my teeth when I'm there to keep myself from going into some sort of torrette seizure.

So here is the latest on the movie. Quiet, too quiet. I've been sending it around to various fests and they all will announce in August, so we wait and see.

I finished the reel for Nathan Standridge and will be working on the press kit and getting all the legal work in a nice binder for when it comes time to sell this to the distributor.

Expect the first official review from Horror in the next coming weeks. Phil Davis Brown over there was cool enough in 2004 to run all those interviews of the cast and crew so I told him he would be the first to give it a crack. He has seen the film and once his finals are over he'll write one up. I think he liked it. Who knows?

Whatever, I'm working on a new film now called Sick Him. I'm story boarding it. I don't know if it will be a movie. These things just sort of happen because they want to not because of any thing you do or decide. But you may see story boards and sketches start to show up at the myspace site, along with sketches and what not.

I've really enjoyed just getting back into drawing and writing ideas and poems(shut up) instead of using every last breath on one project. I'm enjoying the promiscuity of it all. I'm going through an idea slut phase!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Big empty space where there used to be a chicken

Yesterday I dropped the film off to get a decent burn to a DVD. Doing at home had proved to be frustrating. I could get it to come out okay, but just okay, while exporting it to a tape made it look awesome. SO I took the tape to Action Video here in Roswell, GA and told them to do their best, just make it look like the tape, and that will be that.

That’s that.

It took me a minute to leave the parking lot. I wanted to storm back in and snatch the tape and disk from him and run back home and find something to tweak. I wanted to pet the film some more. Suffocate it. Never let it out of the house. There is a point when you start damaging your kids by not letting them grow up.

I drove home and called producer Caruso, and she made me repeat over and over that the film was finished, and this was hard for me at first, but through repetition comes familiarity and then acceptance.

I’ll really know what is what once I see the transfer, if it looks like the tape, then I’ll burn some copies, send to festivals, shoot some to websites for review.

But today I’m visiting family and have nothing to do on the film. Yesterday after dropping it off I had nothing to do on the film. I slept harder that afternoon then I had in a year. The baby was off with family, and the movie was out of my hands. I didn’t have to be at work for another six hours, so I just fell over and hit a deep deep sleep.

I woke up, went to work, and my brain attached itself to the next idea like a wet gray parasite.

But I’m going to take a year to clear the shelf of ideas that have been collecting. Get the scripts written.

Back to the cave.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pry it from my COLD DEAD HANDS!!!!

So I'm really finished. I've pushed it as far a I know how, and the last few passes have shown diminishing returns, actively having no effect or even making it worse, so I guess that's how you know you are done; when you start damaging the film by working on it you know that you are finished. And thus the process has led me to burning a decent DVD and start releasing this out to the planet in mass. Letting it out of the house is tough though. There is a peace in obsessing over something for so long. You become so immersed, surrounded in it, and all your actions become dictated by it. It's like prison, but also nice because all your decisions have been made for you. What are you doing tonight? Tweaking the sound mix, of coarse. What else is there. SO it will be nice to start rejoining the human race, seeing what's new with the world.

So there are still some issues.

1. render the wide screen version

2. burn back up disks

3. make a decent DVD (all have sucked so far, artifacts and the colors seem muted)

4. start up the distribution schema. (multipronged and warped)

We're having another screening coming soon at a little artist's space here in Atlanta. I think nothing says artistic statement like a killer chicken movie. We've also been invited to some horror fests, so that should be alot of fun. SO I see it like that. Time to sit back and watch peoples reactions. Or not. I might just hide in my cave and pet the PRECIOUS.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finished Yet?

Let me add one more door slam.
Let me get some hiss off Bobby Ray.
Let me lower the brightness.
Let me burn a master high res DVD.
Let me burn a bunch of copies from it.
Let me send it out to the fests.
Let me send it to the review sites.
Let me get a drug addiction.
Let me start wearing black rimmed glasses.
Let me start referring to myself in the third person.
... slow roasted for your enjoyment.

thank you FAS

pss-Happy First Birthday Sarah, my little one.