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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Update 2000

So here's what's going on,

We are talking to a NEW composer, one who looks very promising and who has done some really cool projects in the past. I will be meeting with him later in the month, after I send him a copy of the flick.

I saw some tests for the opeing credit sequence by Jeremy Sewell. These blew my mind and I'm so glad I went with a talented detail oriented graphic designer instead of slapping something together myself on the Adobe Titletronomatic.

The foley breakdown is done, looking forward to sound grabbing.

Synching the ADR is still going on. Very time consuming.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006


This is a picture of me and some friends, some of whom worked on Zombeak!, after working on a short film called Glorious. The director, Jayson Hammett, is on the floor and he's been a bud of mine for about 13 years. Behind the camera is Mike Jackson, who did the concept art for Zombeak! and who is an awesome guy. The long blond haired guy is Aidan Hayes who is now in L.A. hobnobbing but who worked as assistant camera on Zombeak! Glorius was a shitty day of shooting in the rain and a lot of damn fun. Making little short films is awesome and something I'm looking forward to doing once I'm done choaking this chicken.

It's an exciting time for short films due to the internet and so many streaming sites; a worldwide audience. Google video has one of my old things up, called sixty seconds, you can check it out here...

So anyway, just editing away at the soundtrack, getting voices in place, chop chop chop. And sometimes you really feel like this process will never end, that you haven't gotten anywhere, that the film will beat you, so it's time to be objective.

I can't remember a time where I wasn't working on this movie, so I did something, went through all the documents and letters and tracked the progress of the film.

written June 03 -3 months- Sept 03
propro Sept 03 -9 months- June 04
shot June 04 -3 months- August 04
picture edited August 04 -8 months -april 05
sound edited April 05 -10 months- feb 06
effects and tweeking Feb 06 -4 months- june 06
world premiere 6/6/6

Of coarse this premiere is barring me getting a bad parasite and eating my family, but I see it as fate that the process has taken so long for us to have such a boss opening night.

About every section takes about as long as it takes to have a baby, so maybe this is just natural human gestation. Or maybe I'm on crack.

Regardless, filmmaking is a never ending mo-fo that beats the crap out of you mentally, physically, spiritually; then makes you yern to do it all over again.