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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sat Aff Blog'n 2


Hey! How much of my life have I waisted watching little bars move across the screen. I told a bud that I was cutting CvM on my PC with Premiere Pro and he looked at me with a deep sadness, and said, "God bless you". So I punched him.

Steph got a hand off of an iPhone as now there is a 50 dollar Verizon version, and so it is just an Itouch now, but has a fun little sketch pad on it. So here is a Frankenstein thing.

Sarah is on a health kick, having watched an Oprah on South Beach Diet. She is cutting out all refined flour. And she checks her pulse multiple times an hour. Ha, kids. Actually we will prob being knocking sugar out of the house as it agitates Cameron's ASD. Yep, that's happening. I took the test for autism and was like three points away from Aspergers, so whatev. Lots to learn and go over and navigate. Lots of quacks out there to beware of.

Red by Sarah, black my me.

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