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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cold February

So I know that I'm all old fashioned and what not, but when I started making little films back in high school, I dreamt of the world we live in now.

We would edit on two VHRs and no matter the effort, it would wind up looking like crud.

Then on the shelf, no one would see it, no opportunity for them to see it.

Filmmakers worked only on film, and laughed at the nerds with their unromantic video cameras.
I love the web, think up an idea, shoot it, cut it on computer, post it, and move on.

People worldwide can see your work, and comment, something filmmakers had a hard time getting. You're film was seen by someone you would never meet, if at all. But now someone can just drop you a message and tell you what they thought.

To be a movie star is becoming like becoming a harpoonist. An outdated ambition.

It's all communication. All if permissible.

This is so cool. I love life.

Here is something shot last month with some crazies, here to the world, not sitting on my shelf.

On to the next thing.