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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 8: Got to Get Through This!

So the novelty of this is wearing off, so this will be less indepth coming up, because I have a li..... well, I got kids looking at me with that "YOU WERE NEVER THERE FOR US" look.

Ever feel old, well, in 1980ish, JC Penny Outlet had the 12 inch Star Trek Motionless Picture figures, and I wanted that Klingon, and if I had it now, I would walk around with it rubberbanded to my head and go into a ""CYBERCAFE"" and be pronounced King of the Day! I have Coolio on the headphones BTW, see you when U get there makes me misty. Cuz I'm sappy.

Steph did this one. Reminds me of.... hmmm..... CIRCLE OF LIFE BEATCHES!

Once "sangwich" becomes unfunny, it is over. no redemption after that!

Where is that crucial document, OMG! File under Whaaaaaaa?

Next time.... will Batman be chosen for the Jenny Craig spokesperson. Tune in latah!

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