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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 13: When did it get Dark Outside?

So, home stretch Faceless Everybody/Nobody! Just a few more, and then, I can stop the rock. But didn't Fatboy Slim teach us that you can't stop the rock. Well, we shall see shalt we!

What where you doing in 1999? on Tuesday? I know. And I also know that Shatter Monkey has been following me arounf alot longer then I suspected.

I know I went to see L"mofo"7 on the 20th. I know I was working at B&N from 8-430. And there was a PROD MEETING. That i will not get into. Lets just say.... prodding.

Did I tell you about the time I tried to light an industrial film with christmas lights? Well... I did. And... Did it work you ask? Well... .... .... no.

Hey, when you suck at making industrial films, what do you do? Make a killer chicken film of coarse! here is the poster we hung at Startime Cinema on 6/6/06, and we had a hearse out front, and I worked my ass off to get a movie that was 45% finished shown to 135 very confused people. "Unmitigated" and "Disaster" were the two words running through my head at the time. I'm able to look back and drink about it now.

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