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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snaowed In 7: A New Psychic Buddy for Peace!

So here we go! Back into the thick of my cleaning out the closet, cuz my whole life is exsists in the closet.

this was labeled "very important". inside a very important desk lamp and siren light. Thank GAWD I found that stuff. Also is the Zombeak promp book, and somehow, my art degree survived the catbox. Correcting that mistake NOW!

These are very important grown up documents that you must save forever and ever justin case the guvmt comes after you and wants to know what you spent fifty cents on five years ago. Basically, all being a "grown up" is is the ability to file CRUCIAL DOCUMENTS away for the dark future where the GUVMT will be knocking down your door and wanting some code on some sheet of paper that you where supposed to have kept. And if you don't have it, that's why they have flame throwers and steel batons. Keep your CRUCUAL DOCUMENTS! Thanks Rubber Maid! you are my protector against GUVMT invaders! I do like NASA though. Whatev.

As mush as I like tracing. Could trace all day. Phtotshop and vectors have nothing on old fashioned tracing. Your momma's a tracer!

Jeff, I found your Battlestar Galactica DVD, promise I'll have it right back to you, once I watch it. Dad, thanks for the Omega Man soundtrack, Mike thanks for the Halloween mix CDs, Blockbuster, thanks for only charging me 5 buck for the Lookout, Jeff Daniels- thanks for being so badass, Jayson - thanks for the CD of the Atlanta Nirvana performance. For you yungins out there, CDs where these circles that Hellraisers and SpaceMen would shoot at people and embed into their skulls, making bad ass bloody wounds. I come in peace, I leave in ....

Next time, we see Miramax's production of "Skinny People Doing It".

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