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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 4ever!

More boxes being sorted, and thank god I'm so egotistical that I had to show you my junk...err stuff.

Thank GAWD I kept these empty boxes! what if one day I wanted to return this stuff and get my money back and they asked if I had a box and I didn't, oh that would be really bad! And I need that cable. And that cambag is has a very functional DIGITAL 8 cam in it, and it runs like a bird... that should fly, speaking of that... chicken toy. And I get sent a chicken toy at a regular basis BTW. Once my friend sent me by mail from CA a full sized chicken replica in a big box and that has got to be one of the coolest things ever sent by mail, besides the hope diamond (google it).

I was handing this around Image Film Salons for a while (twice) and at one they had these animators speaking, and they went on and on about what kind of cigars they liked to smoke when they went a'cigar smoking, because it was early 2000s and thats what Sh@tHEads liked to talk about.

This is a box of datadisks that contains zombeak files, many files, many renderings of the film, many soundtracks, many foley tracks, special effects to be rendered into the whole, lots of raw footage, lots of time watching the little bar move across the screen to only scream in horror and frustration as my Dell colaborated with Premiere to freeze at the last frame and turn me into a drooling grey haired lunatic. I hate Macs because those people are happy and act shocked when their system doesn't work. I love it brotha.

More to come! Sop it up with a biscut.
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