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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 6: Necrophiliaxatrionicfreakazoidal Meltdownaclypse!!!

THe journey (quest for meaning?) through my closet continues, who will survive and what will be left of Rob Zombie's plaguristitic reference to them?

THE MOST ORGANIZED THING IN MY LIFE!!! Here it is, the Zombeak Legal Paperwork. Every release form, location agreement, production insurance bond, crew contract, itemized expenditure, investment contract ever collected and recorded for the film. And how much did York ask to see? ZIPPO! But, it is good to have, for when the film starts making (snicker) MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! (smirk smirk stiffle) I will have this stuff to remember what 3/4th of a perscent I promised the PA who almost got us shut down by the Department of Enviromental Protection. To get fired off the set of Zombeak was really hard to do, but she found a way.

Whenever I feel like an artist, I just look at this painting and suddenly reality comes flooding back to me. This one comes with a quarter, a little bribe for you, art lover!

a light kit, picked up by Stephanie, for the 'beak, costing 150, and totally saved our butts, before this we had one (maybe two) clip lights attached to a step ladder, and a home depot work lamp, and a weeping DP, who begged for a light bulb. Stephanie, who actually paid attention at GA State, said "what kind of Micky Mouse Bullsh@t is this!?!.....!?!?" and went out and bought this stuff. The DP Lane Morlotte wept tears of joy when this showed up. So to those who think Beak is too dark, can you imagine had we continued without lights. You would need night vision goggles to watch the thing.

Wardrobe from Beak, This is Leviathans trenchcoat, underneith is Melissa's Cooter uniform, which makes me look like a hot and bothered MANTHANG!

More soon, soon my children, all will be revealed, and you will know the truth, and you will call me MASTER-BLASTER, runner of BARTERTOWN!

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