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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In 2: Electric Boogaloo

So, part two, people on line need to go to the blow and read this backwards, to get the chronology correct. Whatev. Navel gazing must be in order.

So the stubs where all in this notebook, decked out in duct tape, band aids, pins, electrical tape, and called "FILMATIC SCABS". And that was as deep as you could get back in da day!

An exteriour shot of Smear Animation Studio, in it's hayday this studio employed one animatior and produced a film every two years, for a total of one film in it's two year running time. Want to see inside!

So I was a projectionist at Riverdale Cinemas and I collected all the black mylar from the front of the trailers, and one company had the milar complete with frame lines so I totally loved that. and so I was in bizzzzznazzzzzz.

And after about a year, in 96, I completed the (really) short film "sixty seconds" that played in the 2001 Atlanta Film Fest (i totally lied on the completion date for the application). The film was received with a resounding piff of indifference, which set the tone for my future films. At least I'm consistant.
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