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Friday, December 21, 2007

7:30am Blah Blah

Right now I’m brewing the day’s first pot of coffee and toasting up some toast, the Clifford Dog show is in the back ground, giving Sarah her morning fix of cartoons. I’m going to take this opportunity to just ramble bang the day into go mode.

Coffee at Starbucks is laced with crack, just in case you are wondering. Here is how it works. Columbian beans used for many Starbucks blends is grown in the same fields in South America where coca leaves where once cultivated. This has left a narcotic muck in the soil, a permeation of it. All things grown in this soil will create an addiction similar to narcotic addiction. If they where growing strawberries down there, it would be crazy addictive strawberries. There have actually been cases of armed robbery and muggings at and around Starbucks from this new bread of bean junkie. Be warned. Once a Starbucks opens in your neighborhood, the neighborhood will quickly determinate in to a slum. If you have Starbucks coffee in your house, keep it locked up and away from kids.

Last week there was the first case of a Starbucks heist, where seven men in Halloween masks stormed a store and forced the crew at gun point to brew gallons of coffee that where loaded into plastic five gallon jugs. This could be either for private consumption or resale on the street, where it is now popular to be taken intravenously.

Ever wonder why when you buy beans and bring them home the brew is not as potent as what you get at the store. Most home machines can not handle the amount of coffee used in the store to brew a pot, so it is weaker. Buy a bigger machine. Also those pots have been seasoned with years of that narcotic residue that can not be rinsed out. An addictive stain. In theory you could do the same with any stainless steel decanter. Fill it with some hot store made Starbucks coffee and then bury it in your back yard for no less then here weeks. The earth and darkness will mingle with the brew, and bond with the steel.

Now every time you brew a new pot, pour it immediately into this decanter and let it ruminate for a few minutes before serving. Notice the difference.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brain Eaters From Raccoon Island

I don't know, just a quick blog so people can know whazup.

I'm chillin on vacation this week, hooray!

The only big project is painting for the new baby. Next month, the madness begins again! No sleep, covered in vomit, and now because this is a boy, urine will have purpose and direction.

My eyes are still adjusting to the blues and greens of boy clothes. It is weird to see. Amazing how your eye begins to accept purple and pinks until that is the norm.

We are painting the extra bedroom something girly for Sarah and moving her to these larger quarters and the new baby will have the smaller room. Right now the walls are two tones of gray, a hold over for when it was my office for a week and a half. I really don't want to bring out Sarah's morbid teenage years before it is time.

Steph picked up some work from sister Angela, just typing up some documents for the law firm. She's up stairs working on that now. Sarah is watching Dora the Explorer, the shrillest show on the planet, but it is interactive and teaching her Spanish. Yesterday while jumping on the couch she started up with SALTA-SALTA!!! Awe shucks. This morning she started singing Row Row Your Boat, it was cute. Ouch! my heart.

Steph is about to burst with this baby. She is really sleepy and nervous that stuff won't be ready, she has spells of neurosis, but luckily about the complete opposite things that I do so we even out that way. Never fun to be neurotic at the same time about the same stuff, chaos ensues.

Zombeak!? Well the reviews have been kind, and I’m waiting to hear from a comic con in Texas, and I know the next thing to do is organize the legal stuff, something I’m teaching myself. I’m also researching the different distributors I would like to approach. Just going by feel. Day by day as I can. People get impatient, but I feel these cult like films have to have time to grow a cult and bubble and simmer. Give it time to grow. That’s the plan. I really just don’t want to splash it out for it to be forgotten 10 seconds later. Whatever. Justification on dragging my feet.

Christmas is coming up and the house looks cool with Christmas stuff everywhere and … have I mentioned The Mist?

The Mist rules 2007. Best movie I saw this year. Great adaptation to a great story. I was ready to be disappointed; having such a love for the material, but man Frank D and company really hit it on all fronts. I think this is a new classic for me. Something to put in the collection. A lot of fun. Very suspenseful. Gross. Great performances all the way through. Great Carpenter winks. Even Thomas Jane was pretty cool. I hated The Punisher, give me Dolph any day. The Mist makes up for it and any disasters he may do in the future. He makes a good everyman, someone to identify with, especially me having kids, I was with him the whole way.

Lots of people knock the ending. I understand. It’s a tough one. But I feel the ending is what takes this out of “fun horror movie” to “classic horror movie”. The movie is all about how people react to fear. And fear makes people crazy, it is a disease. The movie is about the importance of hope even when events seem hopeless, even when hope is irrational. It is a tough ending, and I felt like I was punched in the gut, and I staggered out of the theater, and I thought there must be something wrong with that sick mo-fo Darabont, but I loved it. Gave me something to chew on for days after watching it, something I can not say about most movies I see. So the best thing I’ve seen since The Descent and The Abandoned. See, there are still good movies coming out, you just have to be patient and choosy.

PS - Most sadistic ending to any movie I have ever seen.

PSS - I know someone who has seen this movie four times now (not me).

Anyway, still writing this project that is all over the place. Just the craziest thing I’ve written. Maybe impossible to film (it is a screenplay), but figuring it out will be the fun part. I’m basically writing something based on just pure creative expression, not trying to shoehorn it into any one genre, just making it up and letting it happen as it happens. A lot of fun. Could become animated or some combination of techniques.

Blah blah blah, fight blah blah