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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In

So, totally snowed in, and totally cleaning out the closet to pass time, and we are converting the old nursery into my mega lair of darkness, so in the name of pointless navel gazing and inflicting complete stangers with my opinion that I am one facinating son of a gun, here is the junk in my closet. Steph, me lady, says I have a whording problem. But it is all vital, so you discide.

box of photos, the most important thing ever, especially this pic of traffic I took back around 97, after seeing Micah Evans and talking movies, I think Brent Brooks was there too! They had walls of their apartment covered in aluminum foil. I had newspaper in mine. That was some expressive times. Expressing what? Shut up!

There are alot of boxed up legal pads, comp books, sketchpads; many completely empty save one or two pics or scrawls. It is all about that amazing potential a new sketch pad, comp book has. There is that back ground thought that this may be the one that seeds the egg that grows into the baby that busts me out of the status quo and lets me live like a hair gelled jerk face.

box of movies, f13 and elm street boxes being front runners, manos from MST3K because it is pure gold- wish they had the movie raw through=Torgo is my dad, Hair is Stephanies, got that?

Well, back in the day I collected all my ticket stubs, and was MATICULOUS! because you see, girls hated my pasty nerd head, and so this went on for a few years, and I have DARKMAN, and that makes me awesome!

More to Come!
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