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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In: 14 .. maybe lost count

Listening to, Head On -Jesus and Mary Chain, because Sophia Coppola and Wes Anderson said that to be a filmmaker, you needed an awesome CD collection.... HERE WE GO!

So Blood Scrub is about this guy, who goes through alot of trouble, and takes some blood, and he takes a rag, and he scrubs it. No hidden meaning there. Title says it, and the movie does it. Blood is scrubbed. Metophor you ask? "What's that?" says I.

And days upon days of Blood Scrub behind the scenes and VHS tapes, and we shot it, got distracted (chicks man), reshot it (lead actor let his hair grow, and wouldn't cut it, and we covered his head in vascilene, and he went to work the next day very greasy... sorry about that). So on day one, I had to shoot an extreme tight shot of his eye, and that was it, his eye, so I gave him 20 minutes of direction of what he was seeing. And in the footage, you can see it (confusion and boredom) in his eye. So thus, lesson learned, the directors best tool is to not show up.

From the comment cards on the Zombeak! premiere. "I want my money back, even though it was free". Well, what do they say, "If they can't take a joke... ... you know."


And here is my whore flyer, for Sci Fi Summer Con in 06. Exit Through the Gift Shop. We packed the house with 5 people. It's fun to see someone hate your movie and then turn around and glare at you, like you just crapped on their dog. Well, if they can't take a joke...

Hey, I know you stopped reading, but I be a man on a mission. And I am 45 Minutes to Mars and Leto sexy.

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