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Monday, January 28, 2008

One Candle, Two Flames

Check it...

... Introducing Cameron Joseph Conkle, a rad lad born 1/13/08, almost two years to the date of first little one Sarah.

Child birth was INSANE! But not as crazy as last time as they didn't allow Steph's epidural to wear off. I don't see how she could have done it sans painkillier this time, Cameron came out 10.5 pounds!

So now I have a sound editor and an actress; just 10 more babies and in twenty years I'll have my own crew of indentured servants.

Any way, it's crazy of coarse for now, but the plan for getting zombeak sold is still in progress, I can only work on it when not feeding, changing, playing, or supporting. But I'm more delirious and happy, and still being more creative with my time, then ever before. If you only have 45 minutes a day to write or draw, by Joe you take those opportunities!

Time used to be abundant and squandered on introspection. Bah! Oh folly of youth!