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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Adam Looped Out!

Hey! Guess What?!?

I finished looping all of Adam's dialogue. Well, I recorded it and stuck it all in the computer, logged it up, just have to sync it now.

I'm doing this not because all the location sound was garbage, because a lot was fine, but man when you compare on set sound to studio sound, there is no comparison. Sound is tricky, and if not nurtured can really wreck your film. I hate the crappy reverb we got in the old house, I didn't notice it until I started replacing it. I love the obsessive compulsive control I can have over every word now. I can make the levels just right, and not have to worry about making the crickets from a mile away getting louder or softer as well.

I got an e-mail from producer Wes telling me he has a grab bag of effects for me, and my heart goes aflutter.

The freaky thing was that Adam was moving this Friday to New York! I though it wasn't until November so when he told me the news, I nearly had a heart attack.

This weekend is Dragon Con! I hope to be a small presence there, even if it's just walking around in a raincoat and whispering the title in rubber tipped ears.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005


One down, seven to go! Finished Barry the other day, and it is awesome how much looping the movie has improved the whole enchilada.

But, a funny thing about having a lengthy post production, eventually people's lives change and they leave you. Here's a recent e-mail I sent to Adam to arrange his ADR sessions.


I hear crazy things the other day while Barry was over looping (yeah, I said looping, can ya dig it!)

I hear you're moving away from the roost and going to the big city with your lady Jennifer, thus beginning a new and exciting chapter in the odyssey of your life. That is beautiful...


What if in seven months I need you to do some obscure promotional stunt for a couple of hours and you're in New York. THANKS A LOT DUDE!!!! No one can move forward with their lives until the movie is done, which I'm shooting for (around) Halloween 2015!

Oh well.

So let's get this crazy thing done with. I need you Adam more then I've ever needed anyone. Please come back to me so we might consummate this movie, and loop your dialogue. Ask Barry, it's a trippy process.

So I see from an email (from six months ago) that you are free Sundays and Mondays! Lets do this on the next Monday you are free. It should only take a day, Barry took longer, but he breaths through the whole movie.



Answer this email with a phone number that works, the one I have for you brings me to some archaic mail box that requires an MIT Degree to figure out.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005


1. Began looping Barry "Samuel/Lucy" Bishop's dialogue. This is an intense process that strains the brain and twists the nerves. It's nothing you can just crap out, but will all be worth it though once it's done. Nothing worth doing is easy.

2. I'm starting to get effects in from Green Machine EFX located in New Orleans. I have been told that all the gunshots have been rendered and are in route by mail, and I've seen some tests of some floating Satan presence that is pretty exciting, so we are good in that area.

3. The opening title theme has been put together and I'm waiting to get over to the composers place to grab a listen. Can't wait.

4. The next thing to do will be to put Barry's new lines in the flick and get them to match up and adjust some levels and blah blah blah. He's coming back in in a week to finish up and to edit in the gun shots once they arrive. Oh yeah, and then get the title theme to the title guy so he can start the title sequence for real though.