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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It can only mean one thing, a quick pic update. Taking lotz, no time to put these up. I'm finding that it is true, if you take a picture it does indeed last longer. Maybe this is the answer to the hoarding problem. Take a pic of it all, and there it is, better than the actual object or moment because it doesn't age or rot or yellow. Especially now that it is all digital. I have old photochemical pics that make me feel old, because they are turning colors. Now everything can stay as pristine data, and tossed on an external drive, and hidden away, and there it is new forever. FOR-FREAKING-EVAH! …vampire.

So I got through the entire snow blast without a scratch, and then one morning while moving cars around the driveway, I parked my car on the street and 2 second s later, CLIP. This guy hit it. HA. Nice guy though. He gave me the contact info and will cover the repair. Just got it fixed, not expensive. I was worried because I drive a classic 1992 Dodge Dynasty. And with any classic vintage automobile such as mine, parts are always in high demand and tough to come by. Luckily for me, I know people. Pulled some strings, greased some palms. You know what I'm saying. Dig it.

What kind of happiness is this? Have you ever been this happy in your ENTIRE LIFE? Look at that face, it is about to shatter with happiness. Kids have this funny thing where they haven't learned to temper their joy with disillusionment or realism. So when they are happy, it buries the needle. BURIES THAT MUG! Us grownups don't get that. After you get pig's blood dumped on you at prom, you never smile like that again. This pic shows some intense happiness that you can't allow yourself to remember for it would crush you up like a can. ANYWAY!

Cameron and I enjoy reenacting the opening from Cliffhanger now and then. Sarah is just out of the frame saying Michael Rooker's lines. Fun times. Steph plays Dana Delany's role, and she tells me I have got to forgive myself. But I just can't.

And finally, the new two week obsession…. Vegetable Stock. Working myself up to Beef Stock, so I can drink cow all day looooong.

Next few entries will be the people I work with, because you guys NEED TO KNOW!

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