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Monday, July 09, 2007


So here's the latest.

Sick at home witha virus given to me by a rat named Chucky. Here's the flow.

Sick Kid > Chucky Cheese > daughter Sarah > Stephanie > father inlaw > sister inlaw > hide out in dorment dark side of house >attack me.

I hate Chucky Cheese. It makes me crazy. I have to grit my teeth when I'm there to keep myself from going into some sort of torrette seizure.

So here is the latest on the movie. Quiet, too quiet. I've been sending it around to various fests and they all will announce in August, so we wait and see.

I finished the reel for Nathan Standridge and will be working on the press kit and getting all the legal work in a nice binder for when it comes time to sell this to the distributor.

Expect the first official review from Horror in the next coming weeks. Phil Davis Brown over there was cool enough in 2004 to run all those interviews of the cast and crew so I told him he would be the first to give it a crack. He has seen the film and once his finals are over he'll write one up. I think he liked it. Who knows?

Whatever, I'm working on a new film now called Sick Him. I'm story boarding it. I don't know if it will be a movie. These things just sort of happen because they want to not because of any thing you do or decide. But you may see story boards and sketches start to show up at the myspace site, along with sketches and what not.

I've really enjoyed just getting back into drawing and writing ideas and poems(shut up) instead of using every last breath on one project. I'm enjoying the promiscuity of it all. I'm going through an idea slut phase!