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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Here you will see all sorts of crazy clowns beating the crud out of one another!

Monday, December 28, 2009

10 Very Interesting Clown Monkey Items

1. Holidays are over, computer upgraded, footage on the drive and saying, "hey, come on over and mangle me".
2. New backgrounds are being formed right now in Israel! (huh?)
3. (exciting) There is a contact at IFC who is wondering what this is and what it's going to do.
4. There may be a Cartoon Network contact wondering the same thing (that is a maybe wrapped in a could maybe).
5. Josh Ford is writing about baby clown recycling.
6. Sam Drog wrote pages on cranial vaults and broken mothers.
7. We are shooting another ten minutes on the last Sunday of January.
8. I have been contacted by a groovy editor and compositor, I just need to chit chat more with them. Form a work flow.
9. January goal is to have four web blobs out and...
10. to approach some ad networks to get companies to paste their logos on my monkey.

bonus - get the shop up and running
bonus bonus - the final charity is the Primate Rescue Center! Buy a movie, save a monkey! We sold our first copy on Dec 11th! 
bonus bonus bonus - Sass Parilla the Singing Gorilla will be doing anti-clown hate anthems for the movie, and he is already a star of his own film that I completely recommend. If you ever wanted to see Gorilla Vs Zombie action... buy a copy here -

Until Clowns, Monkeys, and Zombie Chickens make me grotesquely wealthy, I am
rocking the Bux 5-9am, and psycho-stoked to back with my lovely beans!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Did I tell you about Zombeak screening at ILM?

Here it is

Awesome person A > is buds with Awesome Person B > B works at ILM >A gives B  Zombeak T-shirts and copy of movie > Zombeak shown at monthly employee b-movie screening night (called FLECKS) in actural screening room at ILM!!!! > viewers give it hell at first > get into it >  like it! > B said first time they had a (prerecorded) director introduce the film > there was a demonstration on how to wring a chicken neck as B used to work on a poultry farm > people are walking around ILM in Zombeak t-shirts!

So, I've come to grips that a lot about the movie is deformed and spastic.... but!!! that doesn't mean it can't do its own thing and give some joy in the process.

Attached are some photos with bars added to protect the innocent.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Did I mention....

That we have a UK release date!!!
March 1st, 2010!!!!!
Just google "zombeak uk" and you will get all sorts of sites that you can get this rocking flick!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ten Rad Daddy Kill Kill Things about Clown Versus Monkey

1. Clowns of different gender are not allowed to congregate too long in the same area.

2. This is to prevent clowns from giving birth to pure breed clowns, who are rumored to be pure evil.

3. The truth is that baby clowns from clown parents are extremely resourceful and have climbed to the highest levels of power.

4. It would not be in these super smart clowns best interest to have a lot of other super smart clowns running around trying to swipe their seats at the table of power.

5. The clown sickness makes the monkey's face rot off, leaving a hidious death face.

6. Clown nose is a brain gland that has swollen and pushed itself out through the sinus cavity

7. Clowns are made to wear happy masks to keep from upsetting the monkeys.

8. Enlightened clowns wear dunce hats

9. Monkeys tend to drink too much.

10. Sass Parilla is without a doubt the coolest gorilla ever and is writing some really awesome propaganda tunes for the film.

11. Bonus - we shot twelve pages out in the green womb last Sunday! oh, and ate Kristals!

Fight Evil
Sam Drog