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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mega Brithday Party Hit!

Today was the birthday party for Sarah and Ca, (5 and 3), which actually was a really good time, primarily because we didn't have it at Chucky Cheese, a place the kids LOOOOOOVE and I HAAAAAAATE, it makes me twitchy. this one was at the skating rink, so nostalgia flooded in and the scowl left my head for a few hours. But before I get into that, more navel gazing.

So last night I fell asleep early and had this dream (in claymation) about Mr. Bill (from SNL) and his evil doppelganger. The evil twin was a lot more hairy then nice Mr. Bill, and was some how making his hair grow out and Mr. Bill worked in a panic to rip it out. This all took place in a dark police interrogation room. Also (not drawn), I dreamed of an alternate version of the film Centurion, a Neal Marshal film that came out recently that I wasn't crazy about (to be fair, I don't think i was feeling Ren Fest at the time), so I dreamt the movie I wish I had seen. And it had people being launched from catapults.

Now now Cam, don't cry. Sarah comforts Cameron, holds his hand as Cam wails on the road to the party. Mom ducked into the store, Cam freaked. It's hard out there when you're a little bald midget with no money.

Me and brother Bobby (Robert to the world), I'm pulling some sort of DeNiro face, and Bobby just chillin. He manages a movie theater in Fayetteville, which does me no good being a hour drive. I always tried to get my brothers jobs where they could give me an excellent hook up ie. free movies (I helped him get his first movie theater job in Riverdale), but I've come to realize that "brother John's hook up" isn't their first priority. Jerks.

And this is baby bro Jeff, who I'm worried will soon be working a very awesome job that will prevent him from being available to work slave duty on big brother's films. Fine! JUST GET OUT!

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