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Friday, August 01, 2008


Road House may be the greatest guy flick ever. Just today I heard people talking about it around the water cooler. They say whenever it is on the tube, they just have to watch it. Its like crack to dudes. Any movie that has a guy rip out another guys throat, thats a good movie.

Guys just seem to respond and gravitate to this flick. The thing is twenty years old and people still talk about it. What won the Oscar that year? No one knows, remembers or cares. They defiantly dont talk about it or watch it on superstation through an hour of commercials. Road House is beloved, and they hate that the Swaze didnt come back for the sequel, and I agree! These direct to video sequels to 80s flicks are soooooo bad.

I here the new Lost Boys is SUPA-LAME!

Im reading Midnight Meat Train now, worked on it during lunch and what a great story! Early Barker is like watching a great, really sick horror flick. You can feel the glee he takes in writing about entrails sliding around the floor. Makes me feel like Im 14 and sneaking something past the authorities when I read good horror like this.

And then I get MAD because I need to be writing more short stories. Just little guys, simple in narrative, a concept fleshed out into a little drama. Just baboom. Short story. So many great movies start off as nifty little short stories and bladda blah. Over it.

I do spend most my days trying to gross myself out though. Maybe I could use it in a more disciplined manor.

Whatever, the list of deliverables has shrunk shrunk shrunk and we are soooo cloooose. Transcription and a new trailer are the two stumbling blocks. Just have to break its back.


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