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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thinking of Ideas

Man am I ready to go home and chill.

Man am I ready to go see me some Death Race.

Man am I ready to finish the last fifteen minutes of movie transcription.

Man am I ready to get that synch agreement in.

Man am I ready to cut a new trailer together.

Man am I ready to write a new screenplay.

Speaking of that, I thought up something the other night that would be totally doable.

Necrofreak. Not the name of the movie but the name of something that should be a movie.

And it would all be about nothing, but you know.

Zombeak is a chatterbox that wont shut up, and besides Night of the Living Dead, most movies I love are long and slow and have just big pauses.

I was cutting Zombeak and realizing that most of this chatter is unnecessary because the music is doing all the work. The picture is nice, but it doesnt have emotional direction until the music is on it.

And you know, I have beautiful music in Zombeak that no one can hear do to all the talking and just overall business of the picture.

It was how it was designed to be, load and fast, but I want to do something slow and contemplative next.

Something where you just look and normal everyday stuff but it is terrifying because of some slight context and the music letting you know that you should be afraid. And it only strikes in the last few frames.

I guess Im looking to rip off Dont Look Now.



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