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Friday, August 15, 2008

runaway train of thought

Apply Happiness Thoroughly to Infected Area


Looser of the Year


Madonna is an underground hipster!


GA State bathrooms had nonstop freak’n going on.


Look at my HAND!




Common Reactor – Silversun Pickups

Listen to your Heart –

Breathe – The Prodigy

Honkey Tonk Women – Rolling Stones

I Miss You - Blink 182

Deadbeat Club – B-52s

Body Count’s in the House – Body Count

Fade Into You – Mazzy Star








The new number of items feature on salesforce is HOT!


I’ll finish the transcription of Zombeak! today.


Have you heard that insurance companies are using a customer’s astrological sign as rating tool to determine the potential risk of coverage?


DURTH no equal GLUT or




She blew my nose, then blew my mind.



What did you do with the bodies?

-I’ll never tell (wink)



In professional badminton, the quill can go 130 mph.




In a future where chaos is law, the remnants of society obsess over a new blood sport, where the last one standing is crowned king of the underworld, BADASSMINTON!


The birdies would be covered in power drills and razor blades!


Oat Mill Worms



-burgers that pulsate and squirt goo all over the place

-Brundle sauce

-deep fried shivers

-scanner shakes (can almost stop your heart,makes you look like you’re being scanned)

-brundle could be in there slurping off a tray

-the brood is in the play area


POOL SCUM has a skimmer net with razor wire for the net.

-Puts it on peoples head and shakes it around, ewwwwww.


I want to make toaster cozies that look like severed heads that you reach into their mouths to press down the bread drop, and the toast goes into the top of the skull. That would be soooooo rad.




Sarah spelled BLOCKBUSTER perfectly today! Steph took her and Cameron to play at the Mickey Ds, and there is a BB video connected to it. Sarah looked out the window and spelled it off the sign perfectly!!! Man that is awesome. No cat, no dog, pah!


This family goes B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R. Yoooooooooo!


On a lesser but still very cool note, I received the synch agreement today so I can mail that out and scratch it off the old listaroo!


Also, at the McDS, she played Star Wars with a boy who called her Princess Lia! Cool, some kid’s being raised right!


I think Cameron will dig Swars. Sarah is okay with it, but ya know, she’s not predisposed toward explosions.


The question is… start with A New Hope or Phantom Menace?


I’ll have to ask around, I don’t want to start with the wrong one and ruin the kid.












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