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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Upcoming Dollar Movies!

August 15


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Vs. Mirrors Vs. Tropic Thunder


Ahh! Creepy horror, stupid funny comedy, weird Star Wars cartoon. The geek in me is having a nervous breakdown. I think Mirrors will be the best of them having just seen the red band trailer online and thinking it looks way weird and “wouldn’t it suck to have your jaw fall off in the bath” kind of vibe. I don’t like the character design in the Star Wars flick, but maybe if EVERYTHING is CG, maybe the acting won’t suck. Tropic Thunder, maybe. I want to see them all really, but Mirrors would be the choice if I gotta choose.


August 22


Death Race, that’s it, the end, best movie ever made... but I just read that they got rid of the points system from the original... to which I say... WTF!!!!!!!!!!

But still, Statham fan all the way, go Crank!, when he’s not oil wrestling dudes. Anderson gets a lot of crap because he is a fan boy dating a super model and making movies that the internet movie geeks wish they were making, I think he’s cool, Event Horizon is cool, and I like Soldier, and so whatever. His movies are fun, and Resident Evil is something you can play in the back ground and have a nice vibe to. Death Race will be more of the same, but will get points because of the Road Warrior vibe. Doomsday was my favorite movie this year. So that’s where I’m coming from here.



More later, I’m sleepy, BUT!


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