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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update from Suburbia

Here where we at,


I’m going to start a blog dedicated to fam stuff, one for reviews, and this one will be dedicated to zombeak and just whatever comes next, film wise.


But until then, here is an update from Suburbia!


Sarah is writing her letters now! She does H and L, but is hungry for more. She always wants me to draw with her in the mornings. I really try to encourage her imagination and this type of expression, because it can really get you through some tough stuff later on. But she’s precious; she’ll draw a letter and then go SEE! And then we give her a hug and fill her with positive reinforcement, go Sarah go.


Cameron crawls everywhere and is starting to be a real stinker. He’s get in Sarah’s stuff and make her squeal, and it’s cute. He wakes up now if Sarah wakes up in the middle of the night, which last night she did. Bad dream.  He was up with her so I attached him to Steph’s boob and went back to sleep. Cameron stayed with us all night, too sleepy to put him back down. Steph was drained this morning. So I brewed a giant pot of coffee.


Steph is drinking coffee now. Yay! She really has no choice with two kids pulling on her all day. It is either be a zombie all day, or be productive for a few hours before the crash. The crash has always been worth it for me. Just a few moments of inspiration and motivation occurring at the same time makes it all worth it.


She made peanut butter cookies with finely ground coffee mixed in and man it is like crack rock. Gives you a very nice caffeine buzz.


Steph and I never really get to hang much these days, even living together we hardly see each other. I work all the time, and if I’m home I usually need to be working on the flick, or Sarah wants to play, or Cameron wants to play, and Steph needs time away from changing diapers and wiping noses. We both look like beat down honkies in need of a vacation.


Zombie Parents, some people say you have to learn to tune them out, I see what they mean. It is a constant stream of weird with kids, and no time to do any of the things you used to think was so essential to how you defined happiness. It used to be that I HAD TO SEE a theatrical movie once a week or I got the shakes. Now, every time I find myself in a dark cool environment, I just want to sleep.


I do try to fit in writing in the mornings and at lunch and during breaks. It does make all the difference mentally, I can function amongst the humans if I get a story out or a list, a plan, a thought train, whatever. It unloads and wakes me up better then a shower.






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