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Monday, August 25, 2008

I AM 14!

How do I know that I am 14?

Because Death Race rocked my face off.

Ugly, profane, over the top retartedness, everyone gritting their teeth and doing MAN SHIT!

Steel, dirt, oil, grit, piss, and sociopathic nut jobs, cars, Maxim chicks, gore.

Respectful to the original, gave it a nice spin.

Very little CG. The stunts are incredible.

Statham doesnt oil wrassl any dudes, but does run off with a gay man at the end to start a little family, but after going through a Death Race, a bond forms that we who do not Death Race are not allowed to judge. The uber hot chick shows up at the last second to bring Statham back over the fence.

Director Anderson has come a long way and this is his best since Magnolia (wink).

-ramble begins here-

Once you run out of ideas, then you can start being creative, it is when you are out of options that the spark ignites.

Out of money and time, you become creative.

Im going on vacation on first week of September.

The plan is to finish the trailer and get it out to the distribs before I split.

The rain is putting me to sleep today.

I am trying to prevent crashing, because I have to go a pass on the trailer tonight.

Thus, no 10 shots of espresso at the bucks tonight.

I am twenty one pages into RAMROD, it is going where it will, an odd superhero story.

The plan is to have the scenes get progressively shorter, tighten the noose, and then the whole thing will become a fever dream, completely jump the tracks, crash into the audience. Leave people scratching their heads at what the heck did they just see?


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