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Friday, August 08, 2008

horror rant blah blah

Ultimate horror movie rant it is a night at the grave yard and there are demons crawling out of the ground with the dead bodies being worn like clothes, a minivan pulls up and chainsaw wielding maniacs go after them, tearing apart the corpses, and then getting possessed by the demons themselves, they grow wings and take to the skies, they are attacking an airplane, they go in and kill the passengers and then toss them out in to the air, one man , a cop pulls a cattle prod and starts fighting them off. The demons get to the cock pit and start the plane into a nose dive, the cop jumps out of the plane just in time and uses his coat as parachute. The plain crashes and explodes, the demons now going into sharks and coming after the cop, he electrocutes the water around him, causing great pain to himself, and he grabs a chunk of debris and fights off some more aggressive sharks with growing eyes. He fights them to morning and hears them eating the survivors, some of the sharks grow wings and fly off, the next morning he is picked up by life guards and everyone thinks has lost his mind so they throw him into a sanitarium where they do horrible experiments on him and start trying to examine how crazy he is, they take his head and put it inside a lady, and the lady is in love with a nurse and the nurse and lady take off together one night and the cop in the girl is falling in love with her, the docs at the hospital are so mad because they have to get them back to change the body back and they create a robot to go after them and the girl in the cops body is in a cage in the robot.


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