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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking about Work

My day job is like being on a starship.

I think it must be what being on the Enterprise must be like.

I sit quietly at my control panel, occasionally the captain asks me a question.

I answer, We are still collating the data.

They say, Carry on.

Never on Star Tek did they say, Ah! My screen has locked up! Craaaaaap!

That would make it all more realistic, if they had IT guys always diagnosing the various systems, waiting for systems to update, getting viruses, etc.

A mental image I am getting right now is me with my hands out and sand falling from a black abyss above, straining through my fingers, continuing into the black abyss below.

Man, I am writing something called RAMROD, that shit be craza, going to get its own blog site soon, its gaining good momentum. I have two hours today just to write in between jobs.

Based on just trying to keep a script going and no real plot, just a stream of conscious movie with thirty second scenes. The acts are into, conflict, resolution, and thats the whole plan.

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