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Monday, August 04, 2008

One Clown's Perspective

We're not making anyone do anything they don't want to do. Making them anything they didn't already wish they were; nothing that they hadn't already prepared themselves to commit too. We're not some church, some club or cult. We're not some secret society, though there is a code, and this code does guide what we do day to day. Anything for a laugh.

Others would have you believe we bust into to peoples houses with bags of red noses and floppy feet and start converting people. But that wouldn't be in keeping with the code. We're not here to take over the world. Where would the audience be? It wouldn't be the monkeys, they hate what we do. Audiences of other clowns know too much about the tricks and where the zippers are hidden. They can admire the craft but no lose themselves in the show.

A man, a woman, a child. A family. The human race is our audience, and they depend on us to give them back all that they lost in the grinding process of growing up. Things are lost from childhoods that have to be relocated. Wonder, silliness, the acceptance that we are all often the fool. Life is cold and methodical without this element. People can not function with out this. They wander through the days looking just to survive to the next, but with nothing to survive for. A life without laughter is no life at all.

We are doctors of the soul and mind. We are treasure seekers that dive through the muck of man's experience and find that pearl of purity hidden away so deep. We hide it deep so no one can find it. But like changing the spot where you keep your wallet so you won't loose it, there it is buried and forgotten. We put our joy for life in a coffin and bury it to keep it safe, and then like a zombie we shamble forth in search of our daily bread.

See, monkeys can't stand this because a monkey is all doing and no thinking. All survival and no appreciation. Sure, they have their own code, and that code limits them. They are limited. They don't understand how something can taste like a banana and a strawberry. They can't enjoy a blend, a concoction, something that was created with the interest of uplifting people out of the mire. They love the mire. They love the fight. They love the hunt. Eat shit and fuck. And really that is all they do. It is all about the one. Clowns are all about the other.

A clown goes out into the world and gives. Monkeys adhere to their three loves with absolute fidelity. They are the unwashed that have begun to accept the coat of excrement as their true skin. Their humor is derived from the crude and infantile. An infant and a monkey will laugh at the same things. To that I do envy them. But there are experiences we have that cannot be unhad, and these create preferences in taste. A monkey doesn't accept this. It is all about embracing the primal and detesting all who have not.

We are both just trying to make sense of it all. But us clowns go out to try and open this doorway to people's inner spark. A monkey wants nothing to do with people. They pride themselves on having numbed themselves into a sociopathic me first mentality. If taking a shit isn't occupying a third of your waking thoughts, you are no longer socially acceptable, and no longer can be considered one of them. I have seen families destroyed when one of the younger begins to allow his mind to expand and question. They are ostracized from their own families and tossed out into the world. They are labeled as taint. They call their own children this name.

They believe themselves to be in some privileged caste. That only creatures of good breeding have the stamina to live by the code and reject society and its empty promises. Us clowns too believe in rejecting the empty promises of consumer culture, but we also know a person has to take care of their own base needs, and provide for his children. And in doing this you may have to do some mundane tasks. And in doing these mundane tasks, you may need to be reminded occasionally of how to have a good time.

A monkey depends on the gloatings of sycophants to provide for their needs. They depend on others buying into their supiority and serving them. It is always about receiving and taking from others. Clowns are the threat, because we have found the better way. We take care of our needs by providing a service that is vital to any life of quality. We depend only that people will be in need of a laugh, and in this world that is always the case.

Our better way has decimated the ranks of the monkeys. They lose entire generations to our code. They can not keep their children when the child finds that there can be a meaningful exchange with the world. That it doesn't have to be caring for your own hardwired instincts. That you can go out and contribute something needed. How do you stay in the cave when the circus is just outside?

To the monkey, the cave is the world. The jungle the universe, and the law springs from it. They have narrowed themselves to a point, and they use that to stab at us. Their aggression is boundless. Their cruelty is infinite. We have had to adopt a constant offensive guard against their invasions. Even as their numbers dwindle, their tenaciously never does, and they attack with renewed vigor for each attack. They know they are being phased out. And this terrifies them.

There is another side of the clown, one that can remind man of something else vital to his soul. It is the element of the abyss, dark and deep and forever. Uncaring, and unjudgemental, but always starving and wanting to devour you and digest you and make you apart of its ever descending well of shadows. A clown can be this as well. We cover our faces, we are mystery, and after midnight we are the ambassadors of the abyss.

To be afraid of the abyss is natural and normal, and why life is precious. The abyss is real, and it is always swallowing the people and places and possessions around you. Nothing you can do to stop it. From the abyss our lives appear and without warning they return. All indifferent, but cruel at the same time. It is important to always respect this duality of the abyss. It is important to not get bogged into the mundane tasks of this world. Laughter gives us wings, Fear gives us weight. Every coin has a head and a tail. Every clown has a side where the abyss opens and spills out from them. And this is the doorway that the monkeys open when they come after us with murder in their primitive minds. We all return to the abyss eventually, it doesn't care when; it has all the time that will ever be. If a monkey is ready to walk into the abyss, we ambassadors are happy to assist.

Clowns are what you lost and where you are going. We are the connection to the nothing. We are the severing of the ego by playing the fool. We are fear and hilarity. Monkeys are just hunger. They are stomachs on legs. There are not connected to brains or hearts, They are the abyss themselves, but a personal one that wishes to take as much and as fast as it can. We clowns can't allow this siphoning from the grand. When the sun goes down we open the doorway and allow the true abyss to come and take these impostors, these parasites out of the equation.

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