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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things to say before cranking up a chainsaw.

Lets take this shizz beyond thunderdome!

Who wants some Campbell soup!?!

Feel da buzz baby!

Yeah, I might dress the kids as sanitation workers to save cost on clothes. They will be growing so fast, and needing clothes non stop.

Green jumpsuits are one size fits all, theyre nice and stylish, and are a fun way to pretend you are living in the future.

Maybe I should bring in the trend. Forrest Green jumpsuit baby! WOAW!

Im talking to an insurance carrier, they mumble something, I responded, Say what?

Maybe not the most professional way to talk to biz people.

Saaaaaaaaay whaaaaat?!?  Honkey say what? Cracker say what? Say what my lovable power suit goddess of number crunchosity?

All I am doing is just wasting time until Death Race comes out. Forget Batman, you can keep your Iron Man, I am all about Post Apocalyptic Statham with junk cars loaded to the gills with machine guns.

I saw the trailer on the tube yesterday, and fanboy overdrive went into effect.

I am STOKED! Finally something I can geek out over, Doomsday was sooooo long ago.


I love August movies, studio b-movies, appealing to the most unwashed of us, so much fun.


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