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Friday, August 15, 2008


SO real quick,

The big deal today was getting the synch agreement mailed out to the distrib and their contract back out to them and the synch agreement back to Rickwood.

I found a new spot to hide at lunch, a place no one will find me. Kroger Starbucks has big empty chairs and a lot of white noise, and no one cares that you are there! I think they have free wi-fi, but I'll have to get back to you on that. Regardless, they are open 24 /7!

I found out that I could time my writing on outlook by writing in the subject of the calenders. It holds a lot, so when I say write for 15 minutes, by Joe, I mean it!

Tonight I work at Starbucks, and that's all good, cause once Im out, Ill be caffeined out the wazoo and will make a go of the transcription. No, I didnt get it done last night, but I did make the most awesome deep dish Chicago style pizza from screeezach, and had the family having foodgasms all over the place. It was the bomb.

I tossed an idea out to Mike Jazzy and he thought it rang cool, so we may finally have a project that we might collaborate on and make something out of. Right now just a script because it will just be fun to write it with him.

Other projects are really coming along too now that I am slowly moving away from chicken town. The most interesting one will be the slow void idea where the basic story is already out, and it would just be let the thing come out as it needs to. But it would be three people acting and one location. Well, there is an opening at a college art class and maybe a library scene, but beside that it is all at one spooky location at night.

One location really rocks, it really cuts down on the stress, and you can dig in and not worry about being gone the next day.

WHATEVER. All about the love anyway!


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