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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yada Yada Ya?

I will finish this Shatter Monkey script this week.

Just tear though it, been in my damn head for too long.

All the drafts up to this point have been too scattered.

This will be draft three.

Im looking for something in it that hasnt surfaced.

This week Ill just put it out and be done with it.

Youll be able to read it here on DROG/BLOG.

I post it by Sunday.

If not, I lied. Sue me.

Tonight, 99 cent ice creams at McD.

Kick it.

I will make it about 70 pages since this will be self distributed.

It will be made into a limited edition 1000 copies and then I put it away into the Smear Vault.

Kinda like Disney.

Do they really have a vault.

A bunch of Dumbo DVDs, VHS, Betas, Laserdisks, just gathering dust.

Old Man Disneys reanimated head lording over the stacks of merchandise.

Yes! All Mine! ALL MINE!!! he bellows as drones toil away, erasing all memories of The Black Cauldron and Oliver and CO from the collective sub consciousness.


Black Hole was put out by Anchor Bay, that movie rules all.

Dont stop- get it, get it.


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