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Monday, June 02, 2008

Where I am this morning

Dentist appointment at 8:30am.
I don't floss, trench mouth, gutter gums, rot jaw, stank pit.
Good way to wake up, steel in flesh, graaaaah!
Sarah is into Dexter's Lab, thank you Lord!
We are slowly introducing other foods into her diet.
A girl can't live on Dora alone.
Cameron is sleeping through the night.
This makes all the difference in the world.
His sensor pad trips the alarm at night.
I think he levitates.
A new week at work, sigh.
I think of it as an 8 hour exercise in meditation.
I am like Carrie White, locked in the prayer closet.
A cell, a computer, something to keep my fingers busy, like rosary beads.
Let my brain soak and emit.
Tonight, Starbucks, my only social outlet.
I do love it so.
It's nasty, and my role is more of a dorky dad type,
But I am loven it these days.
Coffee is like cooking. It can be very satisfying.
I am always Conkle, always Drog, I never stop, I don't exert effort, I don't react, I flow.

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