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Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally, The List of Deliverables!

    This is GOLD baby!

    Just so you guys out there not in the know can be in the know, here is what a distributor will ask for.

1.      Digital Betacam NTSC of movie - $140

2.      Digital Betacam PAL of movie - $235

3.      Digital Betacam NTSC of trailer - $43

4.      Digital Betacam PAL of trailer - $95

5.      Copyright of picture - $45

6.      Copyright of screenplay - ?

7.      All release forms (to clear the chain of title)

8.      Key Art on CD

9.      50 stills on CD

10.     Synopsis

11.     Credit Block

12.     5 DVDs of movie with trailer 

13.     DVD-R of movie with trailer

14.     Music Cue sheet

15.     All languages available

16.     Dialogue list

17.     Short form License Agreement the contract

18.     Notarized Cert of Origin

19.     Quality Control report from professional lab of all masters

20.     Lab access to pic and sound elements

21.     E/O insurance (can be handled by company)

22.     Rating cert form MPAA of R (can be handled by company)

Anyway, this becomes like a scavenger hunt, gathering up legal forms and scrapping up the dough for the last few things, the last push before we sign off and let it go for good. Im still planning on marketing the wazoo out of this up until the release date, but a much more relaxed pace now should be coming up.

Expect to see a boat load of behind the scenes minidocs floating around the web in the coming weeks and months.



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