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Monday, June 09, 2008


A quick rundown!

We will open the doors to the Zombeak! screening at the Gwinnett Arts Center at 7:30!

There will be t-shirts and DVDs of the film available for purchase, 5 bucks a hit, cheap! Buy one for you, your church group, your fussy aunt, your kids, and for each voice in your head.

Here is that link again!

Good movies this weekend!


Man this ruled my muffin top!

Romero is the man, 70 plus years old and directing circles around those whipper snappers and their spastic infected turbo zombies!

Loved the long takes, the trading video camera perspectives, the awesome zombie deaths, the sense of fun, the video propaganda, loved every second, it recharged my batteries and reignited my love for horror movies!



All about the reunion tour that I missed! Grrr. Very cool doc about what happens after the hype, that people have to live their hours like normal people, even FREAKING GENIUSES have to pay the bills, go to work, wrestle with their demons. It was great to see that these guys are so detached from the perceived glamour of what they do. Black Francis looks like he would be just as happy working in a cannery. It seemed real blue collar and a little sad tht they all just sort of tolerate each other, sort of for appearances, like to not upset the kids. When attacked by fans, they shut down, really because they dont know what to so. It is surreal and scary. A great look at what it means to be popular, and the human side of da biz.


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