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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Distribution Ponderings

So the big thingadingding right now with Zombeak is distribution, and how to best get the flick to those who care, and how to get the word out, and what avenues are available.

On one hand you have the video labels that carry this level of weird homespun horror. You may get on Amazon, on Netflix, at Blockbuster (maybe). But who goes into Blockbuster anymore?

Most people I know get their movies off line by Netflix or more commonly, boosted for free off shareware sites.

So you get it out at the Blockbuster, in Best Buys, in Sam Goodie, how much love will a distributor give your film in terms of advertising, marketing to set it apart from the pack? Will you ever see a dime from it?

The more I research the various means of self distribution, the more I like it.

Maybe Im a control freak.

Maybe the internet really is leveling the playing field.

I know sites that will sell your film on Amazon, stream your film, download to own, download to rent, and I could always just shoot people a hard copy, I have a paypal account. Shoooot.

So it is all about advertising, getting the name out there, totally possible if you use the web, be a little proactive. Then at least it is in your hands.

Youre not sitting on your hands and sweating.

Succeed or fail on your own terms.

If you can do something on your own, you should.

I dont know, just thinking.

Adapt or die!


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