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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

M. Night Samabangbang (maturity pills out)

Any movie that has a guy lie down under a running lawnmower has to be pretty cool.

Mark Walberg, well, he was good in The Departed.

People have treated this movie with no love, two friends have told be to just walk away and pretend it doesnt exist.

I am not the biggest M Night fan, but the movies of his that I like most are the ones that make the least amount of cash.

Top two favorites:


Lady in Water

So sue me, no one likes Lady in the Water.

No one but me, it is my favorite, despite him casting himself as the big writer dude.

But if you didnt know it was him, it would be fine.

Whatever, Balaban dies great.

So I will prob like The Happening, will be seeing it tonight with Steph, our first night out in something like three months.

Finishing up at work now, realized some stuff today.

The things you are supposed to be doing should come as second nature and we are all variations of one another.

There are a lot of things that I can be doing right now that I hesitate in pursuing due to mental stigmas placed against them (by me).

These doors are open but I instead bang on the locked ones.

Doors you walk through lead to other doors.

These doors are hidden until you pass through.

Doors others walk through are closed to you.

If the path is worn down, it is not yours.

What is obvious to you is not obvious to others.

What is obvious to others is not obvious to you.

Before doing though, you have to get yourself right with God.

Otherwise all doing has no weight. Hollow. Vanity.



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