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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eat it Monkey

So I found out that there is this mix that pool cleaners use to eat through scum that can be very volatile and even explosive if not handled with extreme care.

This makes me think of shooting Zombeak and how hard and hot and uncomfortable it all was.

We would kid that the next film should be filmed by a pool, in lounge chairs, with coolers of bevs everywhere.

Pool Party Massacre.

Pool of Scum

Scum Burner

Death Pool


Cruel Pool.

We would make it like Gossip Girl or The Hills, and every time they wander away from the pool, some maniac gives them, the ultimate solution.

They would get marred and mauled by this acid that once activated can do pretty awesome and gross things.

We would just write a drama, and slowly write the characters out.

So we would start with some pour girl in some Saw like environment, something like Don't Go into the House, were some freaky dude dressed in a bio hazard suit walks in to a protective cell and melts her face off.

A telephone rings.

Freaky dude picks it up.

FREAKY DUDE - I'll be right there.

He takes off some of the protective gear, throws it into a bag, and walks out of the dingy basement.

Up stares is some lady chain smoking and playing solitaire on the computer.

FREAKY DUDE - I got a job, be back latter.


Freaky Dude walks outside, he is in the suburbs.

An older neighborhood of blue collar track housing.

He gets in his blue pickup.

On the door is the decal sign, COALMAN'S SWIMMING POOL SCRUBBINS! 555-222-1138.

He is driving through the burbs.

Chemicals marked solution A and Solution B rattle around the bed of the truck.

He passes a lot of backyard pools.

He glares at the happy wonderful people enjoying life and the summer.

opening titles play over this driving sequence.


We are at one of those pop up out of the ground estates, brick and high iron gate surrounding the premises.

On the back grounds is a swimming pool with perfect still water, be continued.

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