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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sweeney Todd!

Hey, just rented Sweeney Todd!
Looooooooved this movie!
Wished I had scene it in theaters.
Photography, old school pink blood, chemistry between Carter and Depp, the look, Carter in general was awesome, Rickman is awesome, Depp was awesome, good pace, everyone had a big hurtful longing that made such great drama, I had a blast with this, I want more Burton - Depp colaborations, they are fun. Oh, and the bag lady twist at the end broke my heart. I love vengence stories, ones that revel in the futility and horror of it all.
The chanllenges - some of the same, Depp and Carter looked like Goth Ken and Barbie, maybe a bit over done, the whole thing a bit "big", so it was like a cartoon (it is a musical, so don't listen to me), the love story between the teenagers never had a climax.
Best part - the casting
Worst part - the teenage love story
But man I can't tell you how awesome the chemistry was between these two leads, and Rickman again, awesome, and his hinchman dude, AWESOME, perfect casting there.
Horror/comedy/musical- great!

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