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Friday, June 20, 2008

Coffee, four shots of espresso on ice that I brought from work last night, little. And bit of sugar, puts me a really good mood. A day with out coffee is really not a day. I don't perceive it to be, every noise is too loud. All light is too bright. The hours drag on and on and we just automaton our way through it.


Add some strong coffee through out the day, and we'll be alright. Espresso is the bomb-diggity, but barring that, French press, and baring that, grind the beans just before the Mr. Coffee hits it, and if that can not be found, just wing it until you get to a place where you can find something decent.


The baby just woke up, Steph is out selling old clothes, I'm home from work today, making copies of the flick for the screening tonight. Sarah calls Cameron "Cam", and I like that of coarse.


Gotta GO!


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