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Monday, June 23, 2008

SWIFF Update!

So that was a bomb and a half,

I will have to get you the video link and some frame grabs, it was fun!

Handsome Sweater played, and they rocked the house.

Low fi at its finest.

Then the movie played to a respectable 20ish in attendance. RAD!

They dug it, and I got stuff on video, will put it up soon.

Saw some lines I would like to cut, maybe I will, and maybe amp the saturation, maybe maybe.

The movie is fun for people, and some of the things that used to drive me crazy are actually what I like about it now.

The build up to the first chicken attack really works for me now, it is a long drive to get there, but has a good punch to it once it happens.

Build up build up build up and then it happens and is pretty ridiculous and weird.

Met Ron McCellen, director of Jack O’Lantern, he was a cool dude who makes horror stuff around town, is very prolific and ambitious, and very forth coming with answers to some distribution questions I had. AWESOME!

Sold some t-shirts and had some nice feed back, no one actively angry or condescending, so cool.

SO a successful night, followed by going to the Loafing Leprechaun with Fasmagger and shooting the breeze.

I am itemizing the costs of the deliverables.


Sam Drog


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