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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

So real quick about all this.

Finding myself with little time to see movies these days, and unwilling to pay night prices, and watching a movie at home is like watching something during a tornado, no matter what your speaker set up is, I ventured to the 10:30 am showing of Resident Evil 3-D (I wish).

This movie has a lot going for it. Day of the Dead meets Road Warrior meets Anime style characters and fighting. This has the most bullets to the head I've seen in a while, looks of hot chicks pulling the triggers, and some really pissed off zombies. Plus mad scientists mutating like in Tarantula, a desert planet, the force, crossbows, trench coats, Russell Mulcahy back from video purgatory, and fetal imagery.

I feel the RE movies have always been a little embarrassed of their zombies, keeping them in the background and instead focusing on the real enemy, THE MAN!

The Man that makes the bioweapons!

The Man who owns everything, is everywhere, and keeps us under his thumb.

Zombies are just the bi-product of the man.

If you can break from the hold, and think for yourself then you can fight the symptoms, clean up the messes, but never really stop the man.

The Umbrella Corporation is never stopped or taken down, just too powerful. But they do get a black eye now and then. The zombies are unstoppable, and capable of running for decades according to this movie.

The coperation wants to take talent (Alice), bleed it dry, to make us all drones, curb our natural desire to hate and kill people. That's what this movie is. A vaccination to control our bestial natures, the bread and the circuses.
Alice is now Christlike in the movies, her blood can free the world of the living dead plague. She spends five years hiding from the coperation to avoid becoming attached to someone and watching them die, and really if you watch the series, she really does lead every dude she likes to a really horrible death. Whatever, I was shocked to find myself rooting for the bad guys a bit in this one. They found the cure for the world and if Alice really wanted to be a hero, she would turn herself in and let herself be of use.

What if Jesus hid in the shadows killing the commoners, bi-products of the society instead of being crucified and knocking out the source. Alice is just fighting the symptoms, not stepping up and doing the right thing.

Now, this new world would be a totalitarian wasteland, but let's first deal with the zombies before we go into political reformation.

So in the forth film I predict a martyr scenario going on, like Alien 3 (remember when Alien movies tried to be special), Alice will give herself up and save the world, but not before finally taking down The Man, and thus bringing forth some sort of feel good lovey dovey representative government where all men are equal and there is no money or class divisions cause we all share everything.

My favorite thing in the movie was the diary that was found. My least was her saying cheese to the satellite.


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